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Who Let The Dogs Out?

9th February 2018

Now that’ll be stuck in all our heads all weekend. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Just a very quick one today folks. There are one or two little rules changes that were on the list this week, but I figured I’d leave it until next week after a bit more testing before releasing them.

Since we had a pretty big update on Monday, it’s just a little update today. I wanted to get the Pulcinella RUMBLESLAM team up, but haven’t had a chance to rummage through the 3D files to pull them out. Next week I promise!

The thing is though, I promised painted minis in every week of updates, and I don’t like breaking promises!

carnevale miniature game
Borf borf!

Today we have the Dog Keeper and his dogs. Armed with a whip, he is not a nice guy. But those doggos are just the cutest! Just don’t get close or they’ll bite.

An interesting tidbit of rules info about the Dog Keeper: he’s a Henchman class that comes with Command Points! However, he can ONLY use those Command Points on dogs! Back at the start of the rules update, a few of us went away and jotted some ideas for rules down, and both Scott and I came back with the exact same idea for the Dog Keeper! Just call us Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone. You know, because we’re in sync. I’ll go now.

Bye everyone! RUMBLESLAM next week, I promise (and you know what I say about promises)!

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