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Where In The World…

26th January 2018

Hello Venetians! I’m back again.

Has it been a week since our last update already? No? Oh yeah. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I’ve got three things to show you all today, but first:

Free Shipping!

That’s right! To celebrate the launch of the Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander miniatures in our online store (and to celebrate a little rebrand too), we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £100 in the TTCombat webstore! That’s on all the ranges, so you can fill your basket with Carnevale Classics, Streets of Venice MDF kits, or even a little RUMBLESLAM too if you want! Plus there are plenty of exclusives for DZC and DFC if that’s something you’re into as well.

This offer will be lasting up until Sunday February 4th, so if you want a little pre-KS treat, now’s the time!

A Good Map

Everyone knows that a good miniatures game isn’t complete without a good map, so we’re making one! I got a very initial sketch through from Bartlomiej a couple of weeks ago. He’s made some progress since, but I thought I’d show the early stages.

carnevale miniature game

Pretty cool, right? That certainly looks like Venice! Not much detail at that scale though. How about I zoom in?

carnevale miniature game

That’s better! That’s not even 100% either.

As you can see, this map will be pretty insanely detailed! And it’s not even finished yet! We’re really excited to show off the final thing. I think it would make a great wall sized poster, what about you all?

Something From The Depths

We haven’t seen anything from the Rashaar for a little while. No need to wonder what machinations they’ve been up to though, because I have another picture!

carnevale miniature game

This is the Brachyura-Rashaar! During the campaign it was the Kaceros-Rashaar, but it’s had a bit of a name change. No more Kaceros/Karcharos confusion! And no more “Kaceros-ceros, whatever will be will be” jokes either.

You might just be able to make out some notches on the leg sprues. Those little lumps are for counting which sprue is which, so hopefully we’ll have very few mispacks! Always tricky when working with creatures with so many limbs…

Nananananananana THE DUKE!

Finally, a little trip to Fin’s painting desk has shown me an almost finished version of The Duke, one (or two) of the most enigmatic and mysterious figures in Carnevale. Does he have a split personality? Why does he work for and against just about everyone? And how does he do that thing where he disappears in a puff of smoke only to reappear elsewhere immediately afterwards? MYSTERY!

carnevale miniature game

That’s it from me today! Take care everyone, and make sure to tune in next week where we’ll hopefully be hosting our live Q&A! More details next week, but until then – get your questions in!

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