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UK Games Expo Roundup

11th June 2018

Hi everyone!

We’re all back to work after UK Games Expo. One day off then straight back to it!

Rulebook Progress

I’ve been doing more rulebook preparation this week. The good news is that all of Gav’s writing is done, and we’re editing it now. The general background section is all done, as is the Guild, Rashaar, and Patricians sections. The Doctors is ready to layout, then we just have The Vatican, Strigoi, and Gifted.

Rules are all written and ready, and after that it’s just a case of laying out the scenarios. Most pictures are edited and in, with photos being taken and edited too.

There’s still editing to do and things to add, but we’re currently sitting at 123 pages! That’s a lot of pages.

As soon as the book is ready to go to the printers, we’ll have an updated shipping date for you all.

As for the other stuff… well the board tiles have already gone to the printers and are being done as I type! Magic cards are still in development, but are already booked in at the printers. Art book is still in progress (although as art gets edited for the rulebook it also gets updated for the art book). Even the coins are completely sculpted and just waiting their time on the 3D printer before getting cast in metal. I don’t know whether to show those off or keep them secret though…

As always, when I have photos of things to show, I’ll post them up! I was hoping to show you the first Golgotha casts today, but unfortunately I can’t find its arms and our master mouldmaker has the day off. Maybe next week?

UK Games Expo

Speaking of things to see…

Live Stream

We were at UK Games Expo last weekend, and I got a quick chance this time to do a little video. Just a quick tour around the stand while Josh was running a demo game.

Here are a couple of pictures of the demo boards all finished too.

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

The Fisherman turned out to be a fan favourite this weekend, and it’s not surprising given his statline!

We also had a whole bunch of miniatures on show:

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

Including some new colours on the Venetian Noble if your eyes are good enough to see that!

Alright, I’m not going to tease any longer.

The Fisherman

carnevale miniature game

The elusive Fisherman! This is one of the character cards for the demo version we were playing. Those of you who played the beta rules will notice a few differences. Some of those are actual differences, and some are simply because the demo rules are a little simpler than the full rules.

So don’t worry, Mind values are still there, they’re just not very useful in a game without Morale or Mages. Command Points are also still a thing (the Fisherman does actually have one). Special rules have had their language simplified a little for the demo too, and keywords removed for demoing.

Life Points have seen a reduction – after all a demo lasts around 20 minutes, but you expect your characters to last for most of an hour long game!

A big change you may notice here is the weapon profile. This one is a version of the final one. Evasion and Penetration stats have been added. There are special abilities for weapons (the Harpoon Gun is Two-handed and has Reload (1) still), but we don’t need them in the demo.

Interestingly, Evasion and Penetration stats came about in much the same way as Ranged and Melee got added together all those months ago. Just as there weren’t enough instances of Ranged and Melee being different to warrant two main stats, there were too many instances of the Evasion and Penetration special rules to keep them as special rules! This change has meant that weapons are easier to read, and it’s offered more chances for variation, adding some more depth to the game.

So as you can see from the Fisherman’s profile, he’s pretty good. A strong ATT value, and very high PRO are a good start. Fast Swimmer (2) means he swims full speed in water (makes sense), and Expert Offence (1) gives him a bit more reliability up close.

His Harpoon Gun as mentioned is Two-handed and needs to Reload, but it also has a nice, long range, and a bonus to Damage. It has Evasion +1 though, so opponents targeted gain a small bonus to their DEX when he attacks. Still, a great overall weapon.

The real winner here though is the Hunter special rule, which gives a crazy amount of Penetration to his weapon when targeting anything on a larger base size. In the demos this was VERY powerful, seeing as three out of four of the enemy were bigger than him! In a full game it’ll be slightly less powerful, but he’s a must if you need some extra damage against big monsters. Both The Doctors and Rashaar players will quickly become fearful of this character.

And that’s it for today! As always, more next week. Take care, everyone.

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