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Tuesday Stretch Goal and the start of something new…

25th July 2017

Good afternoon everyone!

Or morning? Or evening? Depends where you are!

[dropcapNew Stretch Goal![/dropcap]

Nice work, everyone! Another stretch goal opened up today!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal officiant

A new miniature! This time it’s a Rashaar Cult of Dagon Officiant for everyone that’s pledged £60 or more. Pledge level doesn’t matter, it’s the final amount that counts!

carnevale miniature game  render officiant

I really like this guy! The Cult of Dagon have some really great, charismatic sculpts. But the real winner for me is the Voice of Dagon. That guy is cool! Actually, he’s really cool, let me find him…

Got it!

carnevale miniature game  voice of dagon

He’s a leader that is also a mage! Although you’d expect that from a leader of the Rashaar, really. He also has a great ability when he uses that giant shell attached to his throat to shout curses at his opponents. Considering he’s a gross fish monster, that’s pretty charismatic!

Jay Paints A Board!

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the cool Venetian board that we’ve been using in our photos and videos. Jay built it! And it just so happens that he’s just starting to make another one! There’s nothing quite like playing a game of Carnevale on an awesome looking Venice board, complete with canals and tightly packed buildings, so we thought we’d show Jay’s progress so that everyone can see how to do it, give us ideas, and potentially build their own too!

We’ll be showing Jay’s progress every update from now on, so keep tuning in and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see on our brand new board!

We’ll be back tomorrow with quite a lot of exciting things, so until then, fellow Venetians!

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