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TTCombat Live Q&A

15th March 2018

Hello fellow Venetians!

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Live Q&A

That’s right, we’re hosting another Live Q&A. This time though it’s for all things TTCombat. It’ll take place on the TTCombat Facebook page tomorrow (Friday 16th March) at 17:30GMT. Jason and Jamie will be answering questions about Carnevale, TTCombat, RUMBLESLAM, Dropfleet Commander, Dropzone Commander, Relics… MDF? I don’t know what else. Basically, fire over your questions to the TTCombat Facebook page and tune in to have them answered. If you can’t make the stream live, it’ll stay up on the Facebook page to watch later.

I won’t be on the camera for a change, but will be manning the comments, so while the two of them won’t be answering rules questions or in depth design things, I’ll help if I can!

Release Date

We’ve avoided talking about a new release date for the KS pledges to go out, mainly because we don’t want to promise something we can’t deliver. At the moment we’re in that really annoying and boring stage of development where there’s still lots to do, but also a bunch of things that rely on people outside of the company. Things like writing and printing and production that we can’t do here. If everything was in house (that’s the dream!) we’d be able to give a more exact date, but as a lot relies on other people so we don’t feel 100% confident giving an exact date yet.

This sucks, I know! We want to have a set date as much as you do. We want the game out for everyone to be playing! Sorry that we can’t be more exact.

I think we’ll talk a little about it in the live stream tomorrow too, but we’re hoping that we’ll be able to ship everything to backers in May. That’s a long month, and is still a bit of an estimate, but we’re still pushing for a release as soon as we can. We’re not sitting around slowing things down though, we want this game with you lovely backers!

New Rules

As always, we’ve had some rules tweaks this week. GP gave us some great feedback which mostly ended up with editing typos, but a couple of things have seen changes as well.

As always, find the full beta rules here.

  • The rulebook has just two changes this week. The first is to make Throwing Knives match everything else (whoops). The second is a tiny sentence on the end of the Universal Shielding special rule which lets you know that Universal Shielding can never go higher than your PRO value.
  • The Guild: Dogs have special rules and keywords in the right place now.
  • Rashaar: possibly the biggest change of all the factions this week. Their faction specific Command Ability has had its range reduced to Base Contact. That makes it a great offensive power with quite a lot of risk if you want to use it on the enemy. Use it on your Slaves instead! The Brachyura-Rashaar has also had its PRO lowered by one because of a typo.
  • Patricians: one typo corrected.
  • The Doctors: a few changes. Lab Assistants no longer have the wrong copy/paste ability. Lions and Gorillas have had some big changes with varying points costs too. Lions are alpha striking characters with high speed and great chance at taking down enemies tougher than them, and Gorillas are primarily for protecting weaker characters at a moment’s notice (those wings are useful!). Lion rules have been quickly tested, but are still pretty experimental.
  • The Vatican: Domonique has had his Command Ability changed. Funnily enough it was actually changed before uploading during our playtesting, but I forgot to update the file! My bad. Now instead of being a different version of the faction specific Command Ability, it instead gives everyone close by Universal Shielding. Very helpful. Inquisition Commissioners also have their correct equipment now. Copy/paste errors again. They should have swords and pistols.
  • Strigoi: just a couple of typos.
  • Gifted: typos again.

That’s it for this week! The Rashaar change I think is going to impact their play style quite a lot, and bring it more in line with the intended effect. Having a larger range on Soul Drain meant that the leaders became real damage dealers without a chance to counter them. Now they can still use Soul Drain to regain Will Points as intended, but have to be a bit more careful about who they use it on.

Painted Minis

Finally today, I had a little look in the cabinets of miniatures and realised that Carnevale has a lot of Slaves! In honour of the updated Soul Drain rules, here they all are!

carnevale miniature game
Don't let the Magi get into base contact!

Until next week everyone. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow on Facebook!

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