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A Trip To The Resin Room

20th September 2017

From The Printer To The Mould

Hello, Venetians!

Just a quick update for you all today! I had to have a word with Martin in the resin department today, and saw this super cool thing I wanted to share!

carnevale miniature game  resin citizen kickstarter update

This is one of the Citizens from The Guild Faction Box. This is a 3D print of the miniature that’s being made up for casting from!

You’ll notice the TTCombat sprue on the bottom – that’s to keep the Citizen and her knife all as one element for packing into boxes.

You’ll also see all those little tubes poking off her. When cast in silicone those will make feeds for the resin to go into. They’re in specific places that otherwise wouldn’t necessarily fill up properly. When casting resin it’s important to keep it still to prevent bubbles, so there’s no shaking the mould to get the resin all the way into the hard to reach areas!

Finally you can see the big white block on the bottom. That’s called a gate, and is the well in which the resin will be poured into. It’s important to have a big area to do so to make sure the resin pours all the way in. If the gate isn’t filled up, it means that the resin hasn’t poured correctly.

Tricks of the trade!

Rashaar On Tour

What’s an update without some cool painted miniatures? You know I’ll never leave you all without a pretty picture!

carnevale miniature game  rashaar painted cult of dagon
The Cult of Dagon Game of hide and seek was taking longer than usual.

Better captions welcome! 😀

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