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They See Me Rollin’

1st December 2017

I’ve been waiting to use that title for weeks!

That’s right, today we’re talking about dice. I’ve been so excited today as our prototype dice finally arrived!

Beta Rules

As always, some tweaks and changes to the rules this week. Of particular note are two big changes based on community feedback:

  • Pistols now have Evasion (+1). The Patricians particularly get access to lots of pistols, and it highlighted that they were extremely good. We’ve talked before about putting melee as the core focus of Carnevale, and it makes a lot of sense for those old style pistols to be a little less accurate than hitting someone with a sword!
  • Numbered special rules have been limited to 3! This was a change we’d always had in our minds, but left it open to see what abuse it could have, and combined with our own playtesting of some as yet unreleased statlines, more than 3 is just too much. Limiting these to 3 means a lot more balance to the game and no big game breaking combos.

Other than that we’ve seen changes to one or two scenarios, and new download for the Patricians with the updated pistol stats. If you’re playing a game of Carnevale this weekend, check out the new rules!

Natural 10!

Alright, time for some dice.

Before we begin: these are prototypes. The final product may or may not look anything like these (I mean they’ll still have ten sides and numbers, that’s pretty much a guarantee). We’ll be changing some of the colours, changing some of the material, and even changing the numbers (1-9). These ones are the first prototypes mainly just to test some colour matching and the etched logo.

Now, with that out of the way, bring on the dice!

carnevale miniature game  prototype dice

Lots of dice! In lots of colours!

carnevale miniature game  prototype dice

Now, let’s talk about what’s going on here. These are the dice you’ll be getting in the 2-Player boxed game. Mostly black, with a white destiny dice. You’ll get more than this, don’t worry!

For these prototypes, the 0 is actually a 1. It’s just that the company uses dice blanks with the 1 as your own symbol. In the real dice the lion will be a 10. Roll a lion, get a critical hit!

Speaking of criticals, you’ll notice that the 0 (actually a 1) is in a different colour. Actually, so is the 8…

Well, we’re hoping that the full dice will have different colours on different numbers. A 1 will be in one colour to show that it’s a fumble roll, 2-6 will be in another colour, and 7-10 will be in a third colour. As well all know, most rolls in the game require a 7+ to be an Ace, and we wanted a way to see at a glance which rolls are Aces and which aren’t! Combined with a different colour for a fumble and a lion for a crit, you should be able to immediately see whether your action was a success or not! Cool huh?

This is something that we think is really cool, but all those colours may or may not make it through to final design. I can’t promise anything, because dice are extremely expensive, and every little change adds extra cost. Luckily we have a lot of backers so can order a lot of dice in one go, significantly reducing the cost. Without the success of this Kickstarter, this is something we couldn’t have even entertained before!

Enough talking, let’s look at more dice.

carnevale miniature game  prototype dice
Black dice with a Rashaar Destiny Dice

carnevale miniature game  prototype dice
And a Patricians Destiny Dice

These coloured dice are the faction specific dice that come in the Faction Boxes. One for each person you can roll the colours of your faction! Interestingly the lion in the Patricians is silver, because red on purple doesn’t show up very well!

carnevale miniature game  prototype dice

Finally, here are some more examples the company sent us. These other dice are opalescent effect, and are something we’d really like to have for the Carnevale dice. Again, this comes down to cost, but we’ll find out shortly whether it’s possible or not. The block colours work perfectly well, but the opalescent effect we think really elevates the dice to the next level!

Our ideal dice would have different coloured numbers, opalescent effects, and custom numbers. We’ll see which of those we can get at a decent price, but let us know what you think of these and what you’d want to see in the most overlooked part of a game!

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

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