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Supersize Me!

10th November 2017

Hello Venetians!

We’ve been talking rules and scenarios and Backerkit a lot recently. All that stuff is great, but sometimes it’s nice to just go for a walk and see what’s happening in the offices. So today, that’s what I did!

A Big Noble

My first stop was the resin room. Usually I find some cool minis going into rubber to make moulds, or things that have just been cast, but today I found something rather larger…

carnevale miniature game  noble statue
That's a big noble!

This is the Noble Statue, freshly 3D printed and ready to be cast. This is the complete one (minus the plinth), and there’s a ruined version coming that the colossal Limited Edition Morgraur-Rashaar will be wrapping itself round.

I’m excited to see just how big this statue will be once its complete!

A Crazy Trio

As always I won’t leave you all without a painted miniature (last week had an Executioner in the infographic – that counts!), and today I have three!

carnevale miniature game  pulcinella trio

These Pulcinellas look ready to cause a little havoc and mayhem (and one of them looks like he’s already caused a little – I think he must have stolen that glass)! Who knows what mischief the King will be organising for his day of rule?

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

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