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Stretch Goals, Unlocks, Rashaar Faction Video and Limited Edition Black Spectre

21st July 2017

What a day that was in the office!

We listened to what you guys had been saying about the stretch goals and their distribution and reworked the whole map for the rest of the campaign.

The unlocks will now depend on your pledge total as apposed to your pledge level or add ons.

There are still some scattered in that are for upgrading the starter box as that is important but people who are joining on the visitor pledge will have a chance to get some too! I say some, there are actually LOADS if we unlock them all 😀

We also moved the stretch goal map up the campaign to make it far easier to follow. The TWO you have recently unlocked are now visibile. A new citizen of venice will be included free for backers pledging over £60!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal citizen

Meanwhile the 2 player starter set has had a really premium boost as the included template and token set has been upgraded to acrylic!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal token template

The remaining planned stretch goals (of which there are over 40) have miniatures, scenery and more. The NEW miniatures spread accross all of the factions and we may poll which faction gets the boost each time.

Lets break up all of this text with a little video. The Rashaar faction clip is now available

Hopefully that’s got you as hyped as we are about these guys!

I’m sure I had something more to tell you all about. Oh Yeah! The LIMITED EDITION Black Spectre model available as a £20 ADD ON. Cast in translucent purple resin this looks AWESOME. We’re limiting this miniature to 250 copies, and they will come numbered. These are limited to one per backer.

carnevale miniature game  black spectre

If any of these remain after the Kickstarter, the only way to pick them up will be by attending events and buying one from us on the day. On the chance that more than 250 backers want one of these collectors’ pieces, we will increase the amount made to fulfil those orders, and then never make any more!

One week in from the start we have hit our goal and the stretch goals are falling fast! We have SO much to share with you over the coming weeks including our first LIVE videos.

There is also a full length game video coming in tomorrows update! Until then, keep the questions and comments coming in!

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