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Stretch Goals tumbling, Social goal reveal, Board update, Something for the Nobles and more!

2nd August 2017

As we enter the final 48 hours the stretch goal targets are being smashed to bits!

Another 2 fell since the morning update!!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal lacrimosa

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal metal coins

Now each 2 player starter box will contain a random metal faction coin. Great for keeping track of re rolls or just as a neat collectors piece.


The Gifts of the Harbinger box reveals another of its secrets. The Harbinger himself. Only one secret remains hidden, I look forward to showing you the renders post campaign and slowly revealing the final secret.

carnevale miniature game  character art harbringer

Gaming Board Update

Jay has made yet more advances on his board

Design improvement

A better look at the adjustments we made to the Ostriches. The right side image being the new model.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter render pulcinella striches


A lot of people have asked about the 2 player starter set having bridges and so we’ve been working on some! No confirmed quantity yet but you can see one below 🙂

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter starter set bridges

Noble Bonus!

Dan has built a little something that might appeal to the Nobles of Venice. These 2 scenic pieces will be available as a £4 add on (for two) and are great for a little bit of extra scenery & something else to jump on or off! It seems only right to include them for free in the Noble pledge and of course they will be included at the Prince of Thieves pledge level.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter litter litera palanquin sedan chair

I am preparing an itemised list for all of the pledges so as to make it easy to see at a glance exactly what is now included in each (Stretch goals and bonuses included) Look for this in either the update tomorrow morning or a small one later tonight 🙂

As ever we close with some art

carnevale miniature game  concept artwork venetian kiss harlot

It seems this patrician is going to get more than he bargained for!


Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

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