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Social & Stretch goal update! POT shipping, Ostrich riding mayhem!

1st August 2017

Social Goal down

We have quite the array of pictures of you all in masks! Thank you for getting into the spirit of the campaign.

Time for another reveal from the Gifts of the Harbinger Box!

carnevale miniature game  botched mad man

This escaped Mad Man is on the brink of unleashed, again yet to be named but will be the feature of another of the scenarios within the box.

The Mini Game

Ok, so I’ve let on about a mini game that we have been playing in house and want to include as part of this Kickstarter.

We thought it would be fun to do some Ostrich racing, which then developed into a game of snatching objectives & items while beating up your opponents.

Do you focus on gathering items or just steal them from someone else once they’ve done the hard work?

This game is in the very early stages but the models we got designed for it look awesome!

carnevale miniature game  stretch goal pulcinella ostriches

You will notice a difference to the Ostrich head from our original sculpt. The original didn’t quite look right and so we had it redesigned to look more realistic. The miniature in the Guild bundle will have this new style of ostrich head.

We expect the retail of this mini game to be £40 but you can pick it up for just £30. It will contain at the very least a rule set and 4 miniatures but we expect it will have a lot more than that in the box by the time it’s ready 😀

Prince of Thieves shipping charge and a little something extra!

The Prince of Thieves pledge, we got the shipping on this beast slightly wrong in the campaign body stating it was £5 for EU and £10 for ROW. Its actually £10 for everything but the UK. Not that it seems to have put anyone off but we wanted to include something extra special in the pledge to make up for the slight mistake! As such all POT pledges will now come with an original 3D print of one of the miniatures (just like the ones we use to make our moulds) This miniature will be random and all will be different. Hopefully you can share with us which ones you got when it comes to fulfillment.

carnevale miniature game

Scenery Bundle A now contains 16 buildings!

We got asked today if the additional 8 buildings unlocked will be part of scenery bundle A. I can confirm there will be 8 additional in that box! That’s 16 Buildings and 9 tiles for £15!

Stretch Goal

Another stretch goal just got taken down! So now you get spell cards in the 2 player starter box!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal spell cards

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter addon

A perfect time to add a list of the stretch goals you can purchase should you wish to add another of any of them to your pledge or if your pledge doesn’t currently qualify you for one you really want.

Resin Statue£8
Balcony Set£6
Gondola Poles (set of 3)£3

Jay has been working more on his board, check out his progress below

As ever we close with some art, this time a butcher carving up a rashaar.

carnevale miniature game  the chopping block art

Until tomorrow!

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