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Social goal downed! Demo game between the Doctors & Patricians, Painted 2 Player Models & a Stretch Goal!

30th July 2017

First Gift Revealed!

One of the social goals has fallen with 2 others almost there! Now we get to show you one of the awesome pieces that make up the contents of the mystery box.

carnevale miniature game  star spawn

Here is the concept art for our Star Spawn. This creature will be the subject of at least one scenario that will be included in the Gifts of the Harbinger box set. We should be seeing the render this week and I can’t wait to share it with you. A keen eye would have spotted him lurking in Martins resin room video.

If we carry on at the rate we have then the FB goal should also fall tonight and I will be able to share some more art with you tomorrow 😀

carnevale miniature game  painted warden

A clash between the Doctors and Patricians next

carnevale miniature game  painted noble

Fin also finished painting the two player starter set models which you can see below

carnevale miniature game  2 player starter box

There have been a few questions about the sizing of the cardboard buildings in the starter set. Lewis is out of the office today and I found something on his computer that may well help with that!

carnevale miniature game  cardboard building

When its printed it wont have ttcombat written all over it! At least I don’t think that was planned in the design!

How fitting that as I’m typing this up another Stretch goal got taken down!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal building

carnevale miniature game  cardboard building

That’s now 16 unique buildings in the 2 player starter box!

Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be sharing another stretch and social goal with you all!

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

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