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25th May 2018

Good afternoon everyone!

(it’s afternoon in the UK)

UK Games Expo

TTCombat are gearing up for a visit to UK Games Expo next weekend. We’ll be on stand 1-F8 all weekend, so come on by! Josh and I will be demoing Carnevale, talking rulebook, miniatures, background… anything you want to talk about! We’ll also have all of our other games there too.

The demo tables Jay has been making are currently hidden away because the clear resin water has just been poured and is curing. So instead of that, here’s a little preview from a game Josh and I played earlier this week:

carnevale miniature game

It’s nice to have those card buildings – it’s so easy to set up a little game and start playing. Fin’s just put the finishing touches on the demo models. He says not to look too closely, but I think he’s being a bit modest.

carnevale miniature game

Wait, is that a Fisherman?! YES! If you come to see us at UK Games Expo, I will tell you EXACTLY what the Fisherman does. >:D


This bit is for the backers who added the Pulcinella team to their pledge.

The cards are here!

carnevale miniature game

Introducing the Masked Mayhem! These five Pulcinellas make for quite an interesting team. They’re relatively quick, excellent at fighting, but not so good at throwing. You’ll need to make the use of Big Punch to get all your opponents out of the ring.

Eagle Eyed readers will notice that there are a couple of rules carried over from Carnevale too. Let’s look in detail:

carnevale miniature game

All five Pulcinellas have the Mindless special rule. In Carnevale it prevents them from taking objectives, but considering the only objective in RUMBLESLAM is to throw your opponents out of the ring, that doesn’t quite work. Instead it makes them pretty unpredictable. If you want to activate one, you have to roll. If you fail, you have to pick another instead.

The other special rule they all have is the King For A Round passive ability. It gives one Pulcinella a bonus for a single round. They can only have it once per game though, and only one at a time. With five rounds and five Pulcinellas, you’ll have to play smart to get the most out of this powerful bonus!

Lastly, in reference to the Pulcinellas in Carnevale all having clubs, each wrestler has one special ability which has the Dazed special rule. The team is a bit crazy, but has a lot of self-buffs and a lot of penalties for your opponent. Play it right and you’ll have fun, play it wrong and… well I’m sure you’ll still have fun anyway. You can’t not have fun with BIG PUNCH!

That’s all for today, everyone. See you all at UK Games Expo next week (if you can make it – sorry if you can’t).

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