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Rulebook Preview

18th May 2018

Hi everyone!

Just a quick one again today. I’m still up to my neck in rulebooking (and stat carding today). I actually almost forgot this update, sorry everyone!

It says rulebook preview in the title, so you know that’s what we’re doing! If you’d like to wait until you get the rulebook in your hands, simply skip right to the bottom of the post to see what Fin’s been painting.

We’re just going to have a look at a single spread from the book today. It’s an early spread, one of the first in the book.

carnevale miniature game

So here we go! It’s got a picture, it’s got some writing, it’s got a background and some page numbers. There’s also a lot of artwork over in the links panels which I forgot to crop out, but if you get your magnifying glass out you might be able to make out what kind of pictures we have.

carnevale miniature game

And here’s a close up of the writing! This is an ongoing story that lasts through most of the book about a woman named Marietta, who is new to Venice and has gotten mixed up with some bad sorts.

What will happen to her? No one knows! Well, I know. And Gav knows, because he wrote it. And Louis read it as well. But other than us, and a few other staff, no one knows! You’ll just have to wait until you have the book in your hands to find out!

Speaking of which, we’re still tentatively hoping to be shipping by the end of June. There’s still a lot to get organised for that to happen, mostly the book itself. I’ve got a couple of very intense weeks ahead of me, so I’m going to stop typing and get back to it!

French Reinforcements

I almost forgot to put this in too!

carnevale miniature game

This week Fin’s been painting some fighters for The Vatican. These two are French Guards. They’re good warriors, but have absolutely no interest in what’s going on, or in doing a good job. Get them into the thick of things to deal damage and hold up your opponent, because they can’t capture objectives!

Alright, that’s really it now. Back to the book!

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