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Rule Tasters & Miniature Testers

6th October 2017

Friday again!

That means it’s time for another update, fellow Venetians!

I really look forward to this part of the week, as I get to spend the last part of my Friday wandering around the office and writing interesting things and no one can stop me!

Rule Tasters

First off, we’ve been chatting in the comments and the Facebook groups about rules recently, and talking about some videos that we’re making. Well, we have the first one here!

These videos will just be little tasters about how the rules work in the new edition of Carnevale. The beta rules will be with us in a couple of weeks, so until then we’re just going to be touching on a few changes.

I know we looked at movement in an update previously, but for those that didn’t read all of that, this little video summarises the rules nicely. For those that did read that and want more, how about a new video on Monday? That’s right, double update next week! Come back Monday to watch a video with a little information about Combat. And if you’re all interested, I’ll add a little writing too.

Miniature Testers

The thing with making and testing a new game is that you don’t have a lot of the pieces before you start the process. Luckily a lot of us played Carnevale V1 so had metal miniatures, but they end up getting a lot of wear and tear, so we switched to proxies. That’s not much fun, and hard to remember exactly who was what!

Luckily, we’ve now got lots of miniatures in production moulds, a fact I noticed when exploring what’s happening in the resin department. I started Martin talking about this week’s Bake Off and used that distraction to nick a bunch of miniatures right in front of his nose!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter unpainted miniatures
I did a conversion on one, can you see it?

So after a couple of hours of cutting and assembling, I now have almost every member of the Faction Boxes to replace our proxies! No more using a Capodecina to represent a Noble Strigoi! All I’m missing is an Aglaope and I’m sorted!

We still have to proxy a lot of the other characters, but that’s a pretty impressive amount for now!

Roll Up! Roll Up!

As always, no update is complete without some painted miniatures, so here are the much anticipated Commedia dell’Arte!

carnevale miniature game  commedia dell'arte painted
Not the sort of matinee you want to attend

Fin has really outdone himself on these I think. If you want to see more of what he’s painting, follow us on Instagram ( @ttcombatuk ). I set up his phone with the account this week, and he’s posting pictures of what he’s got on his painting desk in real time! No more waiting weeks for me to set up the photos and work my Photoshop magic on them!

Until Monday, everyone! Have a lovely weekend!

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