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Purple Is The New Red (also Salute)

6th April 2018

Hello lovely Kickstarter people! Let’s talk about Salute

In the office we’ve got a lot of Salute preparation going on. We’ll be taking a little demo game of Carnevale, along with RUMBLESLAM, and Dropzone & Dropfleet Commander. There’ll also be some gaming areas set up (although I don’t know if there’ll be a Carnevale area).

If you’re in the London area next Saturday (the 14th), then pop on by and say hello! We’ll also have our event only Capodecina on sale if you haven’t picked one up yet. Something to tide you over until the KS ships!

Speaking of which, there are going to be some of our giant scenery bundles on sale at the event only (no webstore for these!). I found a collection of some of the scenery that’s been put together for it:

carnevale miniature game

I’ve got absolutely no idea on the contents of the bundles, or the price, but I see some Venetian buildings in there, so fingers crossed there’ll be some good deals! I’ll try to find some more information about the event and the deals for you all next week.

It’s An Abomination!

Another little trip across to the resin room has unveiled a new miniature and… well the heading should give it away…

carnevale miniature game

The monster is massive! Dave has been working on tidying up the masters for moulding, and one has already found its way to Martin’s desk (I think he’s hoping that no one will notice it’s missing). Dave spends his days cutting, gluing, sanding, and filling the master miniatures before turning them into production moulds. So technically there’s not a single Carnevale miniature produced that he or Jay haven’t personally prepared for you!

The Vatican Return

Finally today, some more painted miniatures!

carnevale miniature game

The Vatican have found some new clothes in Venice! You may remember seeing the Inquisitor in red before (traditional cardinal’s robes), but we felt that red didn’t quite fit the self-importance of Carnevale’s Vatican, so decided on a luxurious purple instead. Now they won’t clash with The Guild anymore!

You’ll also notice the first peek of the Inquisition Commissioner, keeping the Inquisitor safe, along with a couple of Martyrs and a trusty Executioner. A scary gang indeed!

Until next week, folks. Take care everyone!

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