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Patricians Faction Focus, another stretch goal and 10 more Princes!

29th July 2017

Morning all!

Another strong day yesterday saw backers numbers and funding both increase toppling yet another stretch goal!

This time its some brand new balconies that clip onto the mid section of our MDF buildings.

carnevale miniature game  mdf balconies

The set contains NINE balconies that will add extra playability to your scenery. Also part of the set are some more details to stick to your buildings (planters, additional doors and roof hatches) They will be available as a £6 add on and one set will be included free for £150+ pledges. I’ve been asked to make a list of the stretch goals as add ons for those who want to purchase extra so will have that ready for one of the updates this weekend 🙂

carnevale miniature game  painted noble

10 more Princes!

Since we uploaded and sold ten additional POT pledges last week we have had more requests to increase the number. While we have to be mindful of just how much value and weight is in this set so as not to short ourselves when it comes to shipping. We want to see more stretch goals broken and this is a great way of smashing through those markers so we are going to make ten more available for this final week.

carnevale miniature game  painted prince

Have you noticed a Patrician Theme above? I was trying for one! Dan sat down with Jason to record a little bit more about this faction.

That’s all for this morning folks! Plenty more to share with you later 😀

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