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One Week On

11th August 2017

Hello everyone!

It’s been a week since the Kickstarter campaign finished, and there’s been lots happening here in the TTCombat office!
We’re working really hard to get everything ready for the Backerkit launch, but unless you want to see lots of things being rendered and spreadsheets being filled out, that bit of behind the scenes stuff is quite boring!
However, there’s also more scenery is being made, miniatures are being cast, and Fin is chained to his painting desk where he belongs, so we’ll have some exciting content for you in these updates too!

Jay’s Big Reveal

That title may be a little misleading, given what’s been going on in the comments the last couple of days…
Jay is ready to show off the poured resin on his new board!

It looks really cool I think! I’d like to put the two boards next to each other to see the differences – maybe next week I’ll be able to find someone strong to help me carry them (they’re on really thick wood and I’m very lazy).

Resin Production

We had a sneaky look inside the resin room with Martin during the campaign, so you should all be a little familiar with the process. I went back in today to see what I could find!

carnevale miniature game  resin mask marker painter

First off, I found a stack of Mask Makers and Artists!

These are the master resin casts that will be made into master moulds to cast the production minis. The big blocks of resin on the bottom are called gates, and they’re basically the left over resin that’s poured into the reservoir in order to make sure there are no miscast parts.

These will be cleaned up and checked over thoroughly, and when they’re ready they’ll be turned into moulds themselves!

carnevale miniature game  resin rashaar hybrid

Then I found this collection! There’s a lion in there, a Rashaar Hybrid (the stretch goal one!), some hands from somewhere, and I’m pretty sure the far right is the Exorcist’s arms?

These are at the same stage as the photo above, all ready for checking and cleaning before production moulds are made.

There are always new minis being made in the resin room, so I’ll keep popping back in for more pictures! Next week I’ll try to get some close ups of different miniatures.

Painted minis!

Jay painted a few Rashaar during the campaign, and Louis sort of showed off one of them during our live stream, but we haven’t shown them in much detail, so I thought I’d go and find them!

Except they weren’t in the cabinet with the rest of the miniatures.

Turns out that they’d been used in a playtesting game yesterday, and were still on the board, so I couldn’t resist getting some photos of them “in action”!

carnevale miniature game  painted radru-rashaar
Here's the 2-Player Starter Box Radru-Rashaar in all its glory. That's one big fish!

carnevale miniature game  fighting ugdru-rashaar
The Radru is joined by some Ugdru-Rashaar! Can you guess who they were fighting?

carnevale miniature game  painted capodecina
Jay's Capodecina enters the fray!

carnevale miniature game  fight capodecina rashaar
I don't really fancy his chances though...

I really love the colour scheme Jay did on his Ugdru-Rashaar. The purple hue with the bright spot markings is a really neat look! Hopefully he’ll paint some more at some point for us to see.

That’s all for today, folks! We’ll be back next week with more from the depths of the canals!

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