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One week to go! Double daily updates! Two more stretch goals!

28th July 2017

2 weeks in!

It has been a wild couple of weeks and we are currently at over 200% funded! Can we push it to 300? Beyond? If we can there are plenty more stretch goals to unlock and we are currently taking them down at a rate of 2 a day! In light of that we are now moving to 2 daily updates so we can get them revealed faster.

We have a load of content coming your way this week so the double updates will be great for sharing that too!

Martin the resineer!

A video that got uploaded to our youtube channel yesterday was spotted by an eagle eyed few of you already! If you missed it then here is a quick tour of our resin room

One thing you may not have noticed is a little easter egg of something from the gifts of the Harbinger box!! More on that later potentially as it looks like this evenings update will feature the first unlocked social goal!

What about the stretch goals?!

OK so we unlocked 2 more yesterday! The first is an upgrade to the 2 player starter which will now contain Carnevale custom dice instead of regular D10!

carnevale miniature game  crossbow

Two fantastic additions and there is still SO much more to come! In the mean time keep sharing and commenting! See you again later today 🙂

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

Dive right into the horrors today
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