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On The Road Again…

12th January 2018

Ahh! Sorry everyone! I forgot to update and I’ve gone away for a long weekend. Oops.

Umm… I’m going to just post a few photos that I took on my phone this week. Sorry, this is going to be a bit of a jumble!

carnevale miniature game
Right, first up... this looks like a box full of Hybrids! Greg has been packing minis in groups this week, getting things organised.

carnevale miniature game
Here's more packing stuff! Boxes and boxes of scenery pieces! Looks like Venetian Scenery Bundle D to me!

carnevale miniature game
Here's one from my visit to the resin room this week. For gnagas in a row!

Finally, I always promise a painted miniature, but I didn’t prepare anything. So umm… here’s an embarrassing photo that I took last week. This is the stuff I get up to when no one is looking…

carnevale miniature game
What happens when a Karcharos-Rashaar turns on you? Punch it in the nose!

Sorry this is a weird update, and I don’t have much time to go through the comments – sorry sorry! I’ve got some big news I really want to talk about, but it’s a sit down thing, and not a “write an update on your phone while your fiance is looking for a lamp in IKEA” kind of thing. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing with my long weekend! Going to IKEA is a treat for us down in Cornwall okay?

Take care everyone!

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