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The New World (figuratively)

7th August 2017

Buon pomeriggio, Veneziani!

Does that mean good afternoon? I rely solely on Google for my Italian translations in these updates…

Welcome to the new world!

That’s a Monday morning where Carnevale has been funded! We’re all still extremely excited and humbled by everyone’s support throughout the campaign.

So what happens now?

The first thing that we’re working on is the post-campaign pledge manager. We’ll be using Backerkit for this. In the pledge manager you’ll be able to select exactly what you want from everything that was available during the campaign. You’ll be able to up your pledge, and we’ll be opening up for late pledges at some point too, if for some reason you decided not to back during the campaign but want to still get on board!

There’s a lot of work to do to get the pledge manager ready, but we’re hoping to have it with you all extremely soon.

How long will the pledge manager be up?

Great question, me! We’re going to be keeping the pledge manager open for around 2 months before we lock down responses. After that you’ll still be able to update your address and contact information (in case you’re planning on moving house!) right up until before we start shipping. Whenever these deadlines are drawing near we will be sure to let everyone know, so don’t panic!

That all sounds great, but I want pictures!

Alright alright! Geez I’m impatient.

If you’ve read all of the above, you are now allowed to look at these pretty pictures.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter resin barrels

I popped over to the resin room to see what’s going on! There isn’t much new in there since last thing on Friday (weekends will do that), but I thought I’d get some decent pictures of some of the new things shown in the live stream.

These barrels are so cool! I squealed a little bit when I first saw them, I’m not ashamed of that.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter resin well

There are also some stacks of barrels and a really fancy looking well. That’s going to make for some very pretty cover, and a great centre for a little plaza.

But wait! What’s that inside the well??

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter resin well rashaar

Hah! I’m not 100% on whether that little Ugdru is going to come with the set, I just found it lying around and it fit perfectly! (unsurprising really, Martin is a bit of a stickler for making things fit, even when they don’t need to!)

Now, before the questions come in; I don’t know when these will be out! I don’t know if they’ll be on the pledge manager, or released later on. I just wandered into the resin room and started snapping photos! Get used to that with these updates, I tend to just walk around taking pictures of cool things.

Speaking of taking pictures of things I’m not meant to show yet:

carnevale miniature game  kisktarter resin river

Hopefully Jay won’t mind too much, but look at that beautiful water! <3

Updates? Updates!

Following on from what we said last week, there will be at least one update a week from now until everyone has their delicious goodies in their dirty paws. That means that this Monday update won’t be the only update this week! I’ll make sure to stop in later in the week and let everyone know what’s going on in the TTCombat offices!

Until then!

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