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New stretch goals! New painted miniatures! More Jay!

27th July 2017

TWO Stretch Goals?!

Nice work, everyone! I think the live stream last night really got people excited. So we’re going to use these two new stretch goals to give that guy Lewis a pay rise. Not that Louis guy, just Lewis. And now it’s written down on the internet and all the backers will revolt if it doesn’t happen. Right?

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal statue

The first stretch goal for you guys is a brand new scenery kit! And it’s pretty great! Remember that statue that the limited edition Morgraur Rashaar is coiled around? It’s that! Niiiiice! Let’s take a look!

carnevale miniature game  render statue

This is free for all backers that are pledging £150 or more, and will make an excellent centrepiece for your little corner of Venice. Next!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal priest

That’s right, another free mini! This one is fresh off the press. Err I mean fresh off the render software?

carnevale miniature game  render priest

A brand new Priest miniature for The Vatican. He looks quite civil, but don’t get close or he’ll bash you with that thurible. Did you know that’s what it’s called? I didn’t! Every day is a school day.

More Jay!

That’s right, Jay is back again. He’s been painting away on the board, and sealing all his buildings. What a busy beaver!


That’s right, Jay is all over the place today! He’s being joined by Dan at 6pm GMT to talk about terrain, scenery, and taking your questions too! Be sure to tune in here on Kickstarter and ask them really difficult questions.

Painted miniatures

What’s an update without some painted toys? Let’s have a look at what Fin has been doing.

carnevale miniature game  doctors ospedale faction box

We’ve been photographing lots of the miniatures that Fin’s painted, so we’ll have even more for you in the coming days. These doctors look particularly creepy! Fin painted the alternate Madman that was released as a stretch goal a few days ago, so I couldn’t help but photograph him in there too!

That’s it for today, fellow Venetians!

Remember: tune in to the live stream, and Lewis should get a pay rise. Keep on sharing, we’re rounding in on one week to go!

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