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New Pledges! Single Miniatures! Loads of Extras!

17th July 2017

People of Carnevale we hear you!

You wanted a £1 pledge and the ability to pick and choose miniatures? YOU GOT IT!

You wanted a £150 pledge with added value? YOU GOT IT!

You wanted more value in the £300 Noble pledge? YOU GOT IT!

You wanted more rulebooks in the EVERYTHING PLEDGE so you can share with friends? YOU GOT IT!

It doesn’t finish there, we added an MDF bridge set and the Venetian dice tower to stop your pesky dice making a break for the canals! Both of these were added to the EVERYTHING PLEDGE.

We moved the stretch goals to lower, more quickly achievable targets to increase the chances of people getting more for their money.

The office is a hive of activity and we have new resin production miniatures, new paint jobs, new 3d prints, new scenery and MORE to show you tomorrow. All of which will be added to the EVERYTHING PLEDGE free or charge. That thing should be a BEAST by the end of this campaign. Tomorrows update will also bring some videos, details on the live sessions and more! Look for them at 5pm daily!

Until tomorrow my fellow Venetians!

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