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New Character Profiles

8th December 2017

Howdy Venetians! Today we’ve got some big new rules for your perusal.

All the new rules are found in the same place as usual; just click here for the goodies!

First of all, there are new character profiles for every faction! Four different ones for each, and two unique Gifted characters.

  • The Guild are joined by the mad Pulcinellas, ready to wreck some things! They’re brought into the city by one of the brave Gondolieres!
  • The Rashaar are enlisting the help of the Cult of Dagon (along with the colossal Radru-Rashaar).
  • The Patricians are seeing reinforcements from the City Guard, and a little stealth in the form of a White Collar Thief.
  • The Doctors have two new Doctors and some better Henchmen (including one that can take objectives!). The Doctors have had a big rebalancing too, bringing DEX values up across the board.
  • The Vatican are championing their Faith, with the Exorcist leading the charge, and some bodyguards and Martyrs following suit.
  • The Strigoi are getting a little weird, with a whole host of new Heroes, from the much despised Strigoi Priest to the otherworldly Aquatic Strigoi.
  • Finally The Gifted see two heroes for hire, with the mysterious Duke appearing in the darkness, and Harlequin flipping around all over the place!

There are also new versions of the rules and quick reference available. We’ve seen a few small changes this week, along with a big one:

  • Some weapon profiles have been tweaked.
  • Some of the special rules have been further updated, including small buffs to both Engage and Slippery.
  • Duellist has been renamed Free Attack. Not necessarily a final name change, but we wanted something that was obvious what it did so no one forgets to make their free attacks! Free Attack can now only be activated if you make a specific Combat Action. No more linking Attacks of Opportunity!
  • And the big change is to one of the Command Point systems. We’ve removed the chain activation, and have replaced it with a single out of sequence action. You get one action for the cost of one Command Point. Used wisely it can give a free attack, or block the way to an objective, or a single magic spell at just the right time!

It’s worth noting that all of these rules are still not in the final states! Particularly on the character profiles. We have a big spreadsheet with different values weighted in different ways (for example Protection is weighted less than Dexterity as DEX is used for more actions), and we haven’t made any manual adjustments yet. Having a statistical method of working out points costs is extremely useful, but some combinations of special rules work in ways that can’t be easily added. Throughout our own playtesting and the open beta playtesting we’ll be able to make these final manual adjustments. So if there are characters you’ve been playing with that you think are a little too good or a little too rubbish, let us know!

Speaking of letting us know, a lot of these changes have come about through community feedback. Some of the feedback goes through rigorous testing and we make changes, and some ends up being rejected. But all feedback gets taken on board. We love making games, but that doesn’t mean we can do it perfectly! If you’ve been testing the beta rules and would like to leave some feedback, you can do so in a few ways:

  • Leave your suggestions in the comments! Easy peasy, and there are loads of Carnevale fanatics there to chat to.
  • Join the Carnevale Facebook fan page and comment on one of the threads or make your own post. We’ve been getting into a great many discussions, some of which end with rules changes, and some of which end with a little more information on our design ideas.
  • Fill out a feedback form you won’t get much conversation back since it’s anonymous, but it’s perfect for long form replies.


carnevale miniature game  painted strigoi brides dracula

Just a little trip to Fin’s painting desk. He’s been painting some Brides of Dracula! He made me tell you all that they’re still WIP, and you have to promise not to judge until you see the proper pictures down the line. I think they’re pretty awesome even like this though!

Until next week everyone, happy Carnevale-ing!

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