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New Buildings & Faction Box Upgrades

26th July 2017

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all your great feedback about Jay’s new board. We’ve had a look, and been busy designing lots of new stuff for you and for Jay to use too!

What new stuff? Okay, let’s start there…

New Buildings

We’ve got a whole new set of Venetian buildings ready for you today! Our team of designers have been working round the clock to make new things, and they’ve emerged from the dilapidated part of the TTCombat offices with a new district!

carnevale miniature game  abandoned venetian district

That’s eight new buildings, and almost two full bridges! The bridge that’s split in two is actually really useful, as it spans canals of any size! Combine it with the Floating Detritus kit from Venetian Bundle D and it’ll look like it’s just collapsed!
These are really awesome kits, and at a fraction of the retail cost (approximately 40% off by my rough calculations!).

Just add the total to your pledge to pick up this Add-on!

Faction Box Upgrades

We’ve got a little treat as well today. In celebration of passing 400 backers (the number on the original Kickstarter!), we’re including a free faction specific objective marker, and faction coloured Destiny Dice with all Faction Boxes!

carnevale miniature game  vatican faction box

The objective markers are cut out of tinted acrylic, so should stand out nicely on the Venetian streets, and the dice has an etched Carnevale logo in its 10 side, so you always know when you’re rolling a Critical!

Each of the six Faction Boxes includes these free upgrades, you don’t have to do anything extra to get them! We also threw them in with the Commedia dell’Arte box too, as we didn’t want Gifted players to miss out!

Jay’s Back!

And now thirdly, we have the next part of Jay’s tutorial series. He’s been busy working away on our new board, so have a look and check out his progress!

There’s more on its way soon too! Don’t forget to tune in to our live video this evening. At 6pm we’ll be answering questions and talking about the future of Carnevale!

Can't wait for the Kickstarter Release?

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