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Monday Morning Stretch Goals!

24th July 2017

Good morning, fellow Venetians!

What a weekend! We smashed it! We’ve been back at work this morning organising a week full of content. More on that to come later, I know what you’re here for.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal merchant

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal character cards

Wow! New miniature, AND character cards?!

Let’s have a little look at that miniature first, shall we? I don’t have the resin copy quite yet, but here’s a render:

carnevale miniature game  merchant render

An alternate Merchant for the Patricians faction! He’s rather dapper!

Next up, those character cards!

carnevale miniature game  character cards

These are just very early prototypes, but they show a decent example of the stat lines and important information for a character.

These cards will be included with every 2-Player Starter Box, with each character getting their very own. Just another way that this set is going to be the definitive way to get new players into the game.

We’re not currently planning on producing physical character cards for every character, and are looking into making an online list builder and digital download copies of cards for people to be able to print out and use themselves.

The biggest reason to do this is for rules balancing! We’re working hard at the moment on making sure the core rules for the game are solid, but no matter how much playtesting we do, there will be one or two things that are overlooked in a game this size. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something we’ve come to understand through working in the business for so long.

Having digital character cards means that small tweaks can be made to stop things becoming unbalanced, and that’s something we really want to accomplish with this release of Carnevale. We’ve currently been focusing on core rules, but are also working on rebalancing all the individual characters and factions so that each miniature will have a place in your collection and a purpose on the gaming board! We’ll be updating the Beta rules currently available with brand new character profiles as soon as we’ve reached a good point with them. Some will have a fair amount of changes, but most will just see a few tweaks.

Right, I’ve chatted for far too long! We’ll be back later on today with a full update!

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