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Live Stream, New Miniature, Stretch Goal Details, and Still Even More!

24th July 2017

Good afternoon everyone!

Live Stream Q&A

First things first: our very first live Q&A will take place TONIGHT at 6.00pm GMT!

We’ll be joined by Dan from the design department, and Martin from the resin department. They’ll be talking about background for the game and campaign rules that are in the works. If you have any questions, tune in and ask them! If you would just like to find out more about the Kickstarter, tune in and listen!

The live stream will be available to view after the fact, so don’t worry if you live elsewhere!

New Miniature!

That’s right!

carnevale miniature game  render morgraur-rashaar

Wow. That’s a big fish snake dragon monster! Our limited edition Morgraur-Rashaar has coiled itself around a giant Venetian statue, ready to pounce!

As with our Black Spectre miniature (although I’m not sure you can call this one “miniature”), this will be limited to 250 numbered copies and one-per-backer. If we end up selling more than 250 on this Kickstarter we’ll fulfil all those pledges, but won’t make any more! If there are some left, we’ll take them to shows for you to buy in person.

Stretch Goal Details

Right, I’ve got some information about one of our previous stretch goals. At £47,000 we unlocked a set of resin barrels for everyone pledging £150 or more. So what exactly do you get in that set?

carnevale miniature game  render barrels

A whole load of barrels! 18 in total, in varying sizes and designs. That’s a lot of cover and obstacles!

Oh and speaking of stretch goals, how would you like some new ones?

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goals

That’s exciting! Lots of new things on the way, so keep sharing the project with your friends!


We’ve updated the main page with some new miniatures. A few of the renders were waiting for new unique sculpts, and we’ve finally got them! The Vatican Bundle A and Bundle B both have new minis to look at, and they’re pretty great! They’re hot off the presses, so I don’t have any resin casts for you yet, but when we do I’ll get some pictures. As with all the minis, they’re still a work in progress so there may be a couple of small tweaks before retail.

This is my favourite of the bunch, a brand new Martyr!

carnevale miniature game  render vatican martyr

So cool!

That’s all for now. Stop back soon for our first live stream!

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