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Live Q&A Tomorrow!

1st February 2018

That’s right! The Live Q&A is happening tomorrow.

What you need to know:

  • Starting at 17:30 GMT Friday 2nd February.
  • Lasting around 45 minutes (or until we get hungry).
  • Hosted by Louis and Lewis. It’s not confusing.
  • Will be available to view afterwards as an update.

We will be answering questions on any topic. Seriously, ask anything you want. We’ll probably talk a lot about Carnevale, but if you have any other questions that need answering, we’ll do our best! We can help with homework, but bear in mind that Louis’ specialist subject is MTG, and mine is Harry Potter. Oh and Carnevale. 😉

Questions can be asked in the following places:

  • Live in the chat! Jason will be over in chat corner giving us questions.
  • In the comments on this post.
  • In the general Kickstarter comments.
  • On the Carnevale Facebook fan page, just comment on the post.
  • Message us here on Kickstarter.
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Put your message in a bottle and throw it into the nearest canal.*

There you go! Get your questions in and we’ll try to answer them.

See you all tomorrow!

* We aren’t responsible for your message being intercepted by the Church of Dagon.

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