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Live Q&A and some rules changes

5th February 2018

Hello everyone!

Thanks to those who joined Louis and me for our live Q&A last week. If you missed out, we’ll do some more soon, but for now you can catch up on the video here!

New Rules

That’s right, we’ve got some new rules today! Same as usual, a few tweaks here and there. As always, you can find them all for download right here. I’ve been asked to do a bit more in depth design notes on these updates, so here we go.

The Rules:

  • Dice Rolls – can now go to a minimum of 0 dice. If you get modified down to 0, no roll for you!
  • Will Points – the way multiple people use these at the same time has been simplified. Rather than taking it in turns, each player can add them if they want until all players agree not to add any more. Simpler and less “I won’t add any if you don’t.” More emphasis on friendly gameplay.
  • Replenishing Will Points – the varied amounts for removing different types of character has been done away with. Kill someone? Replenish 1 Will Point. If you kill the enemy Leader, you already have a bonus because they’re not on the board anymore! This is part of making Will Points a more finite resource, with replenishing them only happening in very specific situations.
  • Combat in Water – You can use a weapon when charging into water from outside of water (DIVING charge!).
  • Weapons – pistols got a little bit worse. They lost the +1 Damage. This is just a test, and definitely has potential to go back, but it’s to try to balance the amount of pistols in the game.
  • Weapon Abilities – Flames has been reworded. It no longer prevents a Protection Roll, but has Penetration (-X) with the X equal to the target’s Protection value. So MOST times they won’t get a Protection Roll, but Universal Shielding will still work.
  • Special Rules – on that topic, Fireproof has been removed. It was a bit of a clunker, and its role is easily filled with Universal Protection. It was one of those thematic rules that I wanted to keep in at the start, but isn’t really useful. At present, only four characters use the special rule (and only half of those have public stats). It will not be missed. 😛
  • Black Magic – has had a complete overhaul. Some ranges have increased, some difficulties have decreased, and some spells have changed in how they work. Boiling Veins for example is a weird little spell now. The higher your Mage (x) value, the fewer Aces you’ll get, but the more Penetration you’ll get. More changes here than we really need to get into. Have a look at it!

Stat Sheets:

  • The Vatican – a bit of a nerf here, but mostly because of copy/paste errors! The Inquisition Commissioner now has a Command Ability rather than a mystery ability, and the Bishop Guard doesn’t have that same ability!
  • The Doctors – The Plague Doctor lost his Fireproofing, and also got a little worse at Protection. Sorry Doctors players!
  • Patricians – Soldiers of the Guard now have the Solider keyword! Duh!
  • Gifted – Pantaleone lost his Fireproof special rule too. Colombina has gained a MIND point, and a bunch of the other Commedia lost MIND points! Those people are mad. Oh Fadhila lost all of her weapons. Turns out she’d been stealing from The Duke, and he wasn’t happy about it.
  • I think that’s everything! There could be another few little tweaks that I forgot to note down, but I’m pretty sure that’s all of them.

    WIP (literally)

    We showed some buildings in the live stream. They MAY have been seen before, but I don’t really remember. Thought I’d get a real photo of them.

    carnevale miniature game

    Scott made these buildings as in construction versions of some of the ones we already sell. We’re making a big push on having multiple levels in Carnevale, so we needed some scenery that did that! These one-storey buildings are the first of a whole new batch. The other thing they contain are these awesome little scaffolding sets, allowing you to add half-way points to climb taller buildings.

    Since the rules changed way back when so that climbing cannot be continued between turns, these little breather areas will become incredibly important in your games. Scaffolding, window boxes, and archways are all going to be all over your gaming board!

    Black Lamp

    Another one that I don’t know whether everyone has seen yet or not, I showed Black Lamp in the livestream, so why not have a nice picture of him here?

    carnevale miniature game

    Louis mentioned that Black Lamp was one of the first miniatures that got made for Carnevale, and he’s one of my favourite to date!

    That’s it for today! I’ll pop in at the end of the week with a small update.

    Be good to each other everyone!

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