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Let’s get reaaaaady toooo RUUUUMBLESLAAAAM!

16th February 2018


It’s time to don your leotards and wax up your muscles… Today we’re talking wrestling!

I’m just going to go straight to the photos I think! The reason I’ve been holding off showing the Pulcinella RUMBLESLAM team is that I wanted to show them in all their 3D printed goodness. And now I can!

Fresh off the printer today:

carnevale miniature game

Look at them! So hench! We have one big big Pulcinella (I think he’s probably half-giant), two regular sized Pulcinellas, and two tiny Pulcinellas (a dwarf Pulcinella comeback?).

Let’s have some (really bad phone camera) close ups:

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

These cheeky chappies are straight off the 3D printer, so excuse them not being put together! Once we have them cast, I’m sure Fin will be jumping at the chance to paint a new RUMBLESLAM team! Once that happens, I’ll get some photos of them in all their shining glory.


To round off today I got you a new painted miniature! Fin only just finished off the Brachyura-Rashaar, so I quickly stuck it under a bridge for a photo.

carnevale miniature game
Hit it in the weak point!

That’s it for today, Venetians and Rumblefans! I’ll be back next week with a wordy post. I’ve been asked about the way the points are worked out, so I’ll do a little write-up about some of the intricacies of points systems. If you enjoy numbers and spreadsheets, don’t skip next week’s update! 😉

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