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Just A Little Update

23rd March 2018

Hi everyone! Things are ticking over here at the TTCombat offices.

I’ve been across to our printers this week to sort out the final details for printing the card buildings for the 2-Player Starter Box. Hopefully they’ll be printed soon and we can show them off.

Otherwise, rules are progressing, campaigns are getting written up, boxes are getting designed… lots going on! But unfortunately now we’re at the stage of development where visuals aren’t very plentiful. No super exciting deliveries or brand new miniatures… so bear with us the next couple of weeks before everything starts coming in and we start properly gearing up for fulfilment.

That said, if anyone has something particular you’d like to talk about in one of these updates, feel free to ask! I can’t give away EVERYTHING before fulfilment, but ask and I’ll see what I can do!


TTCombat are currently at Adepticon! We’re demoing RUMBLESLAM, showcasing some brand new Dropfleet Commander ships, and have all of our event exclusives on sale too. While we’re not demoing Carnevale yet (if it’s not ready enough for you all, it’s not ready enough for demoing yet!), we do have the Legacy Capodecina for sale. He’s also on sale on the TTCombat webstore all weekend, so if you can’t make it to Adepticon, head over to the webstore to check it out!

Beta Rules Update

It’s that time of the week again. Rules update time!

Just a few this week in the main rulebook:

  • Charging and Disengaging – a little word change to call charging from above exactly that. Just to clarify what it is.
  • Change to the Flight special rule which means that flying characters no longer take falling damage. They also can’t jump anymore, because they can just fly instead!
  • Finally, gondolas now only work in the water. Before they could be rowed around the board anywhere you wanted!

As always, you can find all the rules here. John in the comments was having trouble accessing them – is anyone else having trouble? Let me know.

Fin’s Painting Desk

Fin has been moaning about this. Usually I only post up pictures of miniatures he’s mostly finished, but today I snuck in while he was downstairs eating a sandwich and snapped a WIP picture. He saw it while I was cropping it and asked me not to upload it, but I will do it anyway! My fellow Venetians need some painted minis in their week!

carnevale miniature game

Flying monkeys! Well, supersized flying monkeys. Fin says: “Don’t judge it yet. I will make the wings look good. And paint the rest.”

Sure you will Fin. 😉

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