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Jay’s board update and THE ATTACK!

28th July 2017

Good evening my fellow Venetians

(I know its morning for some of you but in Venice its evening so I am going to base it on that timezone for this update) 🙂

One more limited edition model to share with you on this Kickstarter. A diorama of an attack on a Gondalier who is desperately trying to survive what looks to be a losing battle.

carnevale miniature game  gondola attack gondolier rashaar

We got the concept art done a few months ago and its awesome to see this incredible render which we can’t wait to print, build and paint!

carnevale miniature game  gondola attack render

We are limiting this model to 250 copies and they will come numbered. If any of these remain after the Kickstarter, the only way to pick them up will be by attending events and buying one from us on the day. On the chance that more than 250 backers want these collectors’ pieces, we will increase the amount made to fulfil those orders, & then never make any more! This is included in the Prince of Thieves pledge!

Jay has done some more work on our new gaming board and shares his latest efforts with you in the below video!

Until tomorrow when we will hopefully have bust down one if not two of the social stretch goals!


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