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Jay’s board moves further toward completion. Another social goal & Live Q and A.

31st July 2017

Another evening another update 🙂

We are well on the way to the next stretch goal so hopefully I can show you that tomorrow morning. In the mean time we took down the fb likes social goal.

Introducing our demolitionist!

carnevale miniature game  demolitionist

Another awesome piece of concept art. Again this character (who will be named during the beta testing) will feature in at least 1 scenario in the gifts of the harbinger box. Thats 2 models in the box already revealed and I think these are some of the best we have made so far!

Jay has been doing more work on his gaming board which you can check out below

People have been asking to see how the balconies clip onto the mdf buildings so here they are 🙂 they come with a removable tab to enable them to attach to the mdf mid sections. If you leave the tab in then they glue flat to our card buildings, our boy Burns really is a little genius!

carnevale miniature game

Here is a closer look at the Capo and Radru from the painted pledge level. We think Cornish Mikey has done a fantastic job and you can get this upgrade to your starter set for just £75.

carnevale miniature game  capodecina painted

carnevale miniature game  radru-rashaar painted

We’ve also had people asking why the art book is Kickstarter exclusive. To clarify, it isnt, the miniature that comes with it is a KS exclusive sculpt. Pictured below she is a great example of the quality of detail on our resin miniatures.

carnevale miniature game  resin painter

On that note I promised you art on each update so here is another piece showing a Warden guarding some of the mad men of the Ospedale.

carnevale miniature game  cells of the ospedale

Dan and I will be live in just under an hour so let us know what questions you want answering and we will do our best to give you all the info you need 😀

See you shortly!

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