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How Points Are Made

22nd February 2018

Good afternoon, fellow Venetians!

A little early update today, as I’m off tomorrow!

Stats & Points

During the livestream we had people expressing interest in seeing just how points are worked out, so today we’re going to have the driest update yet. If you’re not interested in seeing a bunch of spreadsheets and reading me talk about spreadsheets, maybe skip right down to the bottom for a little WIP painted mini from Fin’s painting desk.

If you’re still here though, let’s get into it!

I’ve mentioned before that the points we’re using in the beta rules are based on a master document with weighted stats. At the moment that’s all we’re using to balance, but we’re accruing a list of additional tweaks, as there are some characters that are more powerful than their stats suggest, and some that are less powerful. These are very small tweaks though, and most of the points are based on the master document.

NameSizeMovementDexterityMindProtectionAction PointsLife PointsWill PointsCommand PointsCost
Prints of Thieves30mm554553144420
EquipmentPistol, sword
Special RulesAcrobatic (2), Free Attack, Expert Marksman (2), Infiltration, Pickpocket, Slippery (2)
KeywordsFAction (The Guild), Leader, Human
Unique RulesCommand Ability: 1 Command Point – All friendly characters within 3″ gain the Pickpocket special rule until the end of the round.

We’ll start off with the basics. Here are a couple of stat sheets in their basic form. The ones we’ve had for download are a little prettier (although they’ll be even prettier by the time the game comes out), but this is how it starts. You’ll notice everything you’d expect, and not much else really! Pretty boring. So let’s start looking at the equipment first.

carnevale miniature game

That’s not even all of the weapons! Each weapon has a cost, which is worked out with this handy check list. You’ll see range and damage along with all the special abilities a weapon can have. Each of these is weighted accordingly and added up to a final number for each weapon. That number than gets put through a weighted calculation to add to the final points.

carnevale miniature game

The next bit is special rules. A simple table shows which special rules the character has. This is a Capo, with Acrobatic (2), Free Attack (1), Expert Offence (2), Infiltration, and Pickpocket. But how do those special rules all get pointed?

Acrobatic 1-35
Free Attack30
Engage 1-33
Erratic Movement 0-310
Expert Defence 1-310
Expert Marksman 1-37
Expert Offence 1-37
Expert Protection 1-37
Expert Sorcerer 1-315
Fast Swimmer 1-310

This is how! A cropped version of the special rule points costs. This list appears alongside the weapons, and acts like a weights and measures kind of page for the master sheet. Each special rule is weighted according to its usefulness. This is worked out from a single point of reference, which is based on action points. They’re the most useful resource in the game, and things that allow extra actions (like Free Attack) are worth a lot more to bring them closer in line with what action points are worth.

Action Points
Life Points
Will Points
Command Points

Finally we have stats themselves. These are also weighted differently depending on what is most useful. Attack and Dexterity are directly equal to each other and work out on a 1=10 basis, so that’s pretty easy to work out. Someone with ATT 4 is exactly twice as effective as someone with ATT 2. However, things like Movement or Action Points are a little harder to work out. MOV 5 isn’t exactly 25% better than MOV 4, and MOV 7 is so much more powerful than it would work out as. So we use more complicated formulas for some of the stats. For example, the MOV formula is “=IFS(D17=3,Weights!$S$12,D17=4,Weights!$T$12,D17=5,Weights!$U$12,D17=6,Weights!$V$12,D17=7,Weights!$W$12)”. A bit trickier to get right!

Finally, we add all of those numbers together, divide or multiply each one by a certain amount (for example a basic stat is much more useful than a weapon stat as a basic stat can be used all the time, where as a weapon might not be in range, or needs line of sight etc), and then multiply the entire number by another number. Finally we then round everything down to the nearest digit, and divide it by 100. Then we end up with our points costs! Those final numbers are secret though! They’re mostly used to make sure the points costs are a good amount for making gangs with. All of our Faction Boxes are worth 60 points, but an average sized game is 100 points. If left as they are coming out of the spreadsheet that would probably be something stupid like 167 points and 233 or something. This way we have points costs that are all equal amongst themselves, but also easy to make gangs out of.

And that’s it, really! Like I say, we’ve already been compiling a list of some characters that may need some manual points tweaking, but by and large the formula works this out pretty accurately. The formulas don’t tend to scale particularly well in their current form, which means some of the larger monsters come in extremely cheaply for what they bring to a game, but that’s where playtesting and the open beta come in!

Open Beta

Speaking of the open beta (what a segue), there have been one or two little tweaks this week.

As always, all rules updates can be found in the Dropbox folder.

Notes for this update:

  • Cover: A new section has appeared! Exactly the same content as before, but Cover is now separate to Line of Sight.
  • Mixed Magic: Gateway has had its range reduced to 8″, and it can no longer be used for moving a character into Base Contact. It also gives no Attacks of Opportunity either, meaning fewer weird situations.
  • Special Rules: Clarification on the Fear special rule – it is used whenever making a Combat action or Attack of Opportunity against a character with the Fear rule.

That’s about it! If anyone has tried out the new Black Magic discipline from last time, let us all know what you thought of it. I think it’s a bit more powerful, but still not out and out crazy good.

Shipping Date

We’ve had a few people asking about when the game will be shipping now, and the honest answer at the moment is that we’re not entirely sure. We’re in early stages of background writing, and it’s not until all of that gets fully underway that we’ll be able to have a better idea. There’s still plenty of other things to do too, but we’re getting closer with everything each week. We’d love it to be shipping around May, but at the moment I just don’t know! Sorry about this everyone. We’d love to set a definite date, but in the effort of absolute transparency, we don’t know right now! We’d rather say that than give a date that we have to push back again. As soon as we know, you’ll know, I promise.

Fin’s Painting Desk

Okay, we’re back with pictures now. If you skipped to the end, here’s what Fin has been painting:

carnevale miniature game

A Gondolier! This is early WIP, and I’m not sure Fin would want anyone to see it at this stage, but Fin isn’t here today, so I’ll do what I want! I really love the details on the face in this sculpt.

That’s it for today! See everyone next week!

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