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Have a GOOD Friday

30th March 2018

Hello everyone! Lewis here as always.

I’m out of the office again today. Not gallivanting around Venice this time, just off to see my family for the long Easter weekend.

That won’t stop me from updating though!

Rulebook V1.0

carnevale miniature game

First up, we have a rulebook! Well, a MOCK UP RULEBOOK. Capitals for emphasis. Also taped together so you know it’s not real!

This week I’ve been designing the outer sleeve for the book. It’s just a little different from what we showed during the campaign. The lion motif icon has been redesigned, and there’s the fancy new TTCombat logo at the bottom too! Still a few tweaks to make here, and the back cover isn’t quite ready for viewing yet, sorry!

We’re currently looking into pricing and structure for the rulebook to find out whether it’ll be paperback or hardback. We’d love to do hardback, but it’s dependent on a few different factors. More info when I have it.

Monkey Mania 2: Return of the Gorillas

Fin told me off for showing the flying gorilla last time in it’s unfinished state, so here’s an update that’s more complete!

carnevale miniature game

I think it just needs basing now! I love that glowing orb on its arm, and the skin on its wings. Very weird!

Okay, I’m going to go back to eating loads of chocolate and getting fat. What’s everyone else got planned for their Easter weekends? Sorry to those that have to work. 🙁

As always, I’ll be back next week with more behind the scenes stuff. Take care, fellow Venetians!

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