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Happy New Year!

5th January 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to the year that Carnevale is reborn!

We’re all quiet over here at the moment, cooking up something that… well no I’m not saying anything right now actually! More to come.

We’re currently working on the next set of beta rules characters, hopefully we’ll have some for you next week. No promises right now though! Newest updates to the rules are available in the usual place. Slight changes include:

  • It’s become a little easier to Stun enemies with a successful Shove action (more stunning in the game!)
  • Clarification on a couple of Magic Spells
  • Rewording on some of the Success/Fail/Crit/Fumble tables

Things are ticking away here in the TTCombat offices. We’ve been busy busy over Xmas keeping the warehouse going. There are lots of minis being cast up – I’ll see what I can find next week for you all!

Until then, I snuck down to a Venetian plaza to see what was going on, and was not disappointed! A few rowdy Pulcinellas were there, playing in and smashing the brand new fountain that Fin painted:

carnevale miniature game

I think the King Pulcinella looks a little annoyed that he threw a coin in and still hasn’t gotten his wish!

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