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The Guild Faction Focus, The Process, Resin Miniatures, and FAQ

18th July 2017

Good afternoon, backers! We’re almost there!

Today we have a few new treats for you.

Faction Focus – The Guild

First of all, we have a Faction Focus video all about The Guild. Who they are, how they play, and what they look like.

We’ll be doing similar Faction Focus videos for each faction during the campaign, so if you’re on the fence, want a little bit more information on the background, or just want to see some more cool shots of miniatures, keep checking back!

The Process

Next up we have a little interesting set of photos!

carnevale miniature game  barabotti lady concept
Barnabotti Lady Concept Art

carnevale miniature game  barabotti lady render
Barnabotti Lady Digital Render

carnevale miniature game  barabotti lady 3d print
Barnabotti Lady 3D Printed Miniature

carnevale miniature game  barabotti lady resin
Barnabotti Lady Resin Miniature

carnevale miniature game  barabotti lady painted
Barnabotti Lady Painted Miniature

Here we see the process that each miniature goes through! Each miniature has concept art drawn up for it, which is then used as inspiration for the sculpted miniature. The 3D render is then sent to our casting department, who make a 3D print of the mini. A mould is then made of this print using silicone, and we get our first resin miniatures! Then we send the resin miniature to Fin’s painting desk, and he does a wonderful job bringing the model to life (or as close to life as he can without dressing up and putting on a wig)!

Resin Miniatures

We’ve heard people crying out to see more of the resin casts that you’ll actually be receiving, and we took notice!

carnevale miniature game  resin capodecina

carnevale miniature game  resin citizen man
Citizen Male

carnevale miniature game  resin citizen lady
Citizen Female

In the spirit of our Guild video, here are some resin sculpts of some of the miniatures in the 2-Player Starter Box! The Capodecina and two Citizens, ready to take on the Rashaar, or whatever other menace is in the district at the time!

In the coming few days we’ll be posting more resin photos, so if there are any specific miniatures you want to see, please let us know!

Live Chat FAQ

And for our final announcement, we’re going to be doing some live videos for you all! We’ll be sitting down with various members of the team, from the resin department, design department, rules makers… everyone! We’ll be producing a series of live chats with rotating members of the team, and we’d like to hear from you!

If there are any questions you’d like answered, please ask them! You can comment on this post with your questions, starting each question with “RULES” or “KICKSTARTER” or any other topic! We’ll even answer questions about fighting duck-sized horses if you feel so inclined. You can also message us directly on here or on our Facebook page. We’ll collect the questions from all over, put them into categories, and then have a live chat and put your questions to the relevant members of the team.

We’ll also be taking live questions during the chats, so if you think of something while watching, feel free to ask it!

More information on when those live chats will be happening will come later this week.

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