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Gameplay video! We’re on BOW, Stretch Goal and more POT!

22nd July 2017

Wow, another awesome 24 hours!

So much to say, where to start? I’l just type and hope I get everything across!

carnevale miniature game  strigoi painted

We are on this weeks BOW weekender where they highlight this KS campaign. Some amazing quotes from Justin below and that is a man who has played a LOT of games!

If you were a fan of Carnevale the gameplays DNA is still there, it still has that core feel of Carnevale. The game just gets out of its own way now which is what you want. I had the good fortune to get to play a game with the beta rules. The game has been tightened up and made really really slick. Not to mention more heroic! All the speed bumps have been smoothed out, the gameplay is faster and fun. They have taken what was a winding country lane and turned it into a highway’

Needless to say we are extremely proud of this feedback!

You can see the BOW video here:

We’ve had loads of messages about the Prince of Thieves pledge and asking us to open up some more. We have to be careful with this one, there is a lot more to come during the next 2 weeks and so this pledge might get a bit out of hand (I feel as though I could move in to some of the new terrain the guys have been making)! We’ve added TEN more for this week and that should help us smash through some more stretch goals in the coming days!

Speaking of stretch goals, another one fell today. A Madman will now be added to each pledge of over £60 during the campaign!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal madman

Okay, what else? A quick recap, the Black Spectre limited edition miniature is available for £20. We have one floating around the office and he keeps moving desks as people try to claim this awesome miniature!

carnevale miniature game  black spectre

We promised you a game play video and so here it is:

Plenty more of these with other featured factions will be coming over the course of the campaign!

That’s all for today my fellow venetians! Until tomorrow!

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