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From The Canals…

15th December 2017

Good afternoon, Venetians!

It was the Troll Trader Xmas party last night, so I thought today I’d share a new piece of art that captures exactly how a lot of us were feeling when getting out of bed this morning:

carnevale miniature game  radru-rashaar artwork

This Radru-Rashaar was painted by Aaron Quinn, one of the many artists that have been bringing the world of Carnevale to life. It was actually only delivered to us this morning, but we loved it so much that we had to share it with everyone today!

New Rules

That’s right, we have some new rules available for download via the usual link. Honestly there aren’t really any big changes this week, merely a few re-written sentences, thanks to some excellent feedback here on the Kickstarter!

You’ll also maybe notice that the version number has been added. Something we should have done a while ago, but forgot! Every time there’s a new version (usually each week), we’ll add a new version number to the files.

Mark 9:29

It’s time to cast out some demons and let the Lord take your illness from you!

carnevale miniature game  vaticans nuns exorcist lacrimosa

That’s right, some painted miniatures from The Vatican! The Exorcist is accompanied by two Lacrimosa (Lacrimosas?). Together they will expel the evil ways of Venice and heal its population.

That’s all for today. I’m going to go and find a warm, dark place to crawl into. Don’t wake me up.

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