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First Stretch Goal, Pledge Calculator, Languages… AND EVEN MORE?!

20th July 2017

Good afternoon, Carnies! Venetians? Backers? Hmm, we’ll figure that out later.

We’ve got LOTS of things for you today, so let’s just get stuck in.

First Stretch Goal

That’s right! The talk of the day is our first stretch goal has been reached! Thank you all so much! The campaign is showing no signs of slowing down, which is amazing! In fact, looks like the second stretch goal will be unlocked before the end of the day! For now though, what have we got?

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal gondola

This one was pretty obvious, I think! Every 2-Player Starter Box will be getting a resin gondola inside it!

This first stretch goal is very indicative of what we’ll be unlocking throughout the campaign. We’ll have extra new things to up your pledges too, but a lot of our stretch goals will be about unlocking additional free content for the starter box and other sets that you all will already be getting. We want to make the best value sets we can, and the more backers we have, the more stuff we can cram in there!

Gifts of the Harbinger

The next thing to mention whilst we’re on stretch goals is the Gifts of the Harbinger social stretch goals. While most of them are simple (follow us on Twitter!), there are a couple that require a little extra explanation.

  • For shares on Facebook, we’re counting any post shares from the official Carnevale Miniatures Game page that link directly to the Kickstarter. So you can keep sharing new posts and get closer to the goal! Current shares: 95
  • For photos of masks, there are a few places you can send them! You can message us directly here on Kickstarter with your picture, message us on the Facebook page, post them publicly on the Facebook page, or tweet them at us @TTCombat Any of these will make it through, and we’ll save them and share them when we have a few!

Pledge Calculator

We heard your cries for an easy way to add up your pledges! Siobhan has been at work all day making a calculator for you all! Just click this big picture:

carnevale miniature game  pledge calculator

You’ll be able to add up your entire pledge in one easy page! Note that you’ll then have to come back to Kickstarter to make or update your pledge. Siobhan is good, but she can’t hack into the Kickstarter code to do it for you (otherwise everyone would be pledging Prince of Thieves!).


carnevale miniature game  spanish flag

Not a stretch goal as such, but you’ve all shown such interest, that we’re now going to be offering our Rulebook in Spanish! It makes sense to us to translate the new version of the Rulebook back into it’s original language! There’ll be an option post-campaign to select your language.

We’re looking into other languages too, but purely going off interest here. If you want your native tongue supported, let us know!

New resin casts

Hot out of the mould, here are our two Kickstarter Exclusive miniatures, in lovely resin!

carnevale miniature game  resin mask maker

carnevale miniature game  resin mask maker

I’ve been here through the whole process with these minis, but the quality of the sculpts once they’ve been cast still blows me away!

Comparison Shots

Finally, we’ve had some people asking for scales of the miniatures. They are 28mm scale, although that does go a little bigger with some of the monsters and larger than life characters. To make it easy, here are a couple of size comparisons!

carnevale miniature game  comparison old new

As you can see, our new Ugdru-Rashaar sits a little more hunched than the original metal miniature, but has a lot more bulk to make up for it!

carnevale miniature game  comparison

Our Capodecina sits about the same height as Batman (although ours isn’t prancing all over Gotham in this sculpt), and a little taller than a squatting Space Marine.

That’s all for today, folks! Let’s get that next stretch goal unlocked, so I have more to talk about tomorrow (joking of course – there’s loads to talk about)!

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