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First ever production minis!

18th August 2017

Production Moulds Made!

Hello, fellow Venetians! You read that right! Our first ever production run miniatures have come out of the moulds. Let’s not talk, let’s look!

I snuck into the resin room while Martin was having his lunch with my phone to take some pictures!

carnevale miniature game  resin production
The Guild in the cups

carnevale miniature game  resin production
Rashaar in a fitting coloured tub

The first production moulds made were for the 2-Player Starter Box miniatures, and for good reason! There are loads of minis in the box, and even more backers that will be getting a copy!

Not satisfied with seeing miniatures in cups, I pulled them out for a closer look.

carnevale miniature game  resin production

carnevale miniature game  resin production

Martin came back just after I finished taking these photos. Close!

You can see the great detailing on these minis – it’s quite surprising just how intricate they are considering they’re all single piece casts!

You’ll also notice that each one has a tab at their feet, so that they fit right into slottabases. With just a little preparation, you’ll be ready to play in no time from opening the box! Oooooh I’m excited already! Going to have to dial it back a bit, as we still have a long way to go until release!

Backerkit Update

We’ve had a few people wondering what’s happening with the Backerkit surveys and late pledging.


carnevale miniature game  backerkit update

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks glued to the computer making sure all the miniatures are in order, graphics are made, and everything is collated so we can get this pledge manager live!

That said, we’re still working on getting it ready – Carnevale is a big game!

We originally wanted to make the Backerkit live almost as soon as we could after the campaign (that’s the best way to make more sales!), but considering the size of the project, we want to make sure it’s the best we can make it.

There’s lots of information and we’re trying to make sure it’s as easy and stream-lined as possible for you all to navigate and choose the right rewards. So we’re holding it off just a little while longer to make sure all the minis are there, all the stretch goals are there, and there are enough renders, artwork, and all that to make sure you all know exactly what you’re pledging for.

So… next week? As soon as it’s completely ready, we’ll release it and let you all know!

Can’t end an update without a painted miniature! So here’s one that Fin finished painted literally 20 minutes ago. It’s the Doctor of the Mind! See you all next week!

carnevale miniature game  painted doctor of mind

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