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Fin’s Been Busy

17th November 2017

Hello everyone!

I’ve been spending this week playing RUMBLESLAM, testing out a brand new- actually I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about that. Sorry.

Fin, however, has been busy painting Carnevale miniatures!

carnevale miniature game  strigoi thrall noble barnabotti

This is actually only a small number of the minis Fin has painted this week. He’s been on fire!

From left to right: a Strigoi Thrall with crossbow, a Patricians Syphilitic Noble, and a Patricians Barnabotti.

What’s exciting about these is that all three are Stretch Goal minis! If your pledge totalled £60 or more, you’ll be getting the Thrall and Barnabotti for free, and if you were one of the many backers (it’s actually quite amazing how many) that pledged £300 or more, that gross Syphilitic Noble will be yours!

I was hoping to be able to show some very early prototypes of the Carnevale dice this week, but the manufacturers didn’t quite get them ready in time, so I’ll have to save that for a future update. The pictures I’ve seen are very cool, but I’d like them a little more finished before we show them off!

Otherwise, there is an updated version of the Carnevale Beta rules available. No rules themselves have seen changes, but we have had some really amazing feedback on the language of various things in the book! One of the hardest things in writing rules is making sure there are no loops or confusing language. There’s a new version of the rulebook, magic reference sheets, and scenarios. Not very exciting, but thought everyone should know!

And that’s it for today! As always, updates coming every week. Take care everyone, see you all soon!

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