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Doctors Faction Focus, another stretch goal, and a sneak peek at the Gifts box!

30th July 2017

Morning backers!

Another stretch goal falls and you can see the model below.

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal pilferer

A sneaky little pilferer who will also be available as a £5 add on.

Hopefully today will see the social goals begin to fall, in light of that here is a sneak peek of something from the mystery box. Maybe I will get to share the colour art with you later today 😀 In the mean time you can ask all the questions you like but I’m not saying anything more about it!

carnevale miniature game  sketch star spawn

Dan has done another little video, this time about the Doctors faction.

That is all for this morning but I will be back later on today with more on the social goal, an extra video and more!

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