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Dive In To Carnevale

16th October 2017

What do you think? That’s a pretty good tag line, right? I can see the newspaper adverts now…

We’re not really talking about advertising today. We’re back with the last of our beta rules gameplay videos. This time we’re having a quick look at the new water rules.

Water has actually remained relatively unchanged in our new beta rules (although some parts have been expanded). The biggest change is that all the water rules are in a single section. Water is so important to games of Carnevale and affects so many different elements that we thought it definitely deserved its own section!

In the Water rules you’ll find rules for swimming (like movement, but -2″), rules for combat (unarmed only), and rules for canals (1″ to climb out).

You then get into the more complicated parts, with specific actions you can only do in the water.

Diving – 2AP

To dive, a character must be in water. Make a Basic DEX Roll.

SuccessReceive 1 Underwater Token
FailNo effect
CriticalReceive 2 Underwater Tokens
FumbleLose 1 Life Point

For each Underwater Token a character has, it gains +2 PRO and the Fireproof special rule. A character must remove all Underwater Tokens when it makes another action.

If a character starts an activation with any number of Underwater Tokens, you may remove them and immediately move the character up to 4″, as long as it stays within water. If it has the Water Creature special rule, it may move up to 8″ instead.

Diving existed in the old rules, but we thought it could use a little tweaking and a little more depth to it (zing). Now dive actions award Underwater Tokens. That’s pretty straightforward, and is more of an ease of play thing so you can remember which characters are underwater! While underwater the character gains better protection, which makes sense!

However, the new addition is that diving also allows you an extra move. You may move 4″ when removing Underwater Tokens, meaning you essentially consolidate your movement into the next activation. In practice this opens up a lot of tactical choices. Do you dive this turn, gaining movement in the next, but open yourself up to a counter attack in the water?

Speaking of being attacked in the water…

Drown – 2AP

To make a Drown action, choose an enemy character in line of sight in base contact and in water.
That enemy is the target of the attack. Make an Opposed ATT Roll with no modifiers.
Subtract your opponent’s Aces from your Aces then:

SuccessFor each Ace, your opponent suffers -1 DEX for its Drowning roll
FailNo effect
CriticalYour opponent loses 1 Life Point and for each Ace suffers -1 DEX for its Drowning roll
FumbleYour opponent immediately makes a 0AP Move action

If the action rolls a Success or Critical, the enemy character must then immediately test as if Drowning.


At the end of the round, a character in water with a Stunned marker has to make a Basic DEX Roll, unless it has the Water Creature special rule.

SuccessCharacter loses 2 Life Points
FailCharacter loses 4 Life Points
CriticalNo effect
FumbleCharacter loses 6 Life Points

You can make regular Combat actions against enemies, but most of the time it will be better to try to drown them!

Making a Drown action has been tidied up quite a lot in our new rules! No more multiple Stun markers or whatever, now just simple tables to roll on. An opposed roll will minus your opponent’s DEX for their Drowning roll, meaning the bigger and stronger you are, the easier it is to drown your opponents! Doesn’t matter what fancy weapons you have in the water, it’s just about pure strength. This brings to mind many movies where the protagonist’s enemy struggles beneath the waves, our hero pushing them down.

If you start to drown, it’s very dangerous now. Previously you’d be able to be drowned for several rounds without succumbing to the water, but now you don’t want to be caught unawares. Even a success on your Drown roll mean you’ll be losing Life Points (drowning ignores your fancy armour too), a failure hurts even more, and a Fumble… well just pray to the dice gods for a Critical!

Also of note is that the Water Creature rules are in this section as standard. The rules are covered later on in the Special Rules section, but Water Creatures are so specific that they deserve their place in the spotlight! Being a Rashaar in the canals suddenly got really good! Hopefully that will balance the fact that they’re pretty slow on land and don’t have much in the way of decent weapons!

That’s how water works! An Aquatic Strigoi I think is fitting to end this post.

carnevale miniature game  painted aquatic strigoi

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