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Crisis, Scenarios, & Backerkit Data!

3rd November 2017

Hi everyone!

A late one today, but hopefully worth it!


First of all, some of the TTCombat team are attending Crisis this week in Antwerp. It promises to be a great event, so if you’re nearby, check it out and come to talk to us about Carnevale and have a RUMBLESLAM demo!

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You’ll be able to find us on stand 2B02 where we’re have the event only Legacy Capodecina – the only new Carnevale miniature that was released before this Kickstarter, and the only one currently available until shipping starts!

carnevale miniature game  painted capodecina

If you’re not able to attend the event, never you worry! The miniature (and all our event exclusives) will be available on the TTCombat webstore for the whole weekend!

Scenario Pack

That’s right, the beta rules scenario pack is ready!

You can download it here

You’ll find four fairly simple scenarios with which to try out the Beta rules using the Faction Boxes. They’re just placeholder scenarios, and while some in the final book will resemble these, there will be others that are rather different! These should give you a few simple ways to play the beta rules.

Backerkit Data

We’ve been poring over Backerkit since it closed earlier this week, and it’s got lots of juicy data! For someone like me who wrote their dissertation on information design it’s a wealth of fun, and apparently it’s not just me! Some of you in the comments have been asking for some info, so I threw together this handy graphic with some interesting stats!

carnevale miniature game  backerkit stats infographic

Enjoy that for the weekend and we’ll be back next week! I think next week I may have a walk around the resin room to see what’s going on…

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