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Commedia dell’Arte

12th September 2017

Good afternoon, fellow Venetians!

Backerkit has been open for just over a week now, and it’s going well!

67% of backers have completed their Backerkit surveys, which is a great first week! However, for those remaining 33% of people, the deadline is… okay it’s a little way off yet. But if you haven’t looked at the survey yet, please check it out! The more info we get now, the better idea we have of production numbers so everything can be made smoothly.

If you haven’t received your Backerkit survey email yet, please let us know, as we can resend them or just send you the link.

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If you’re super undecided and don’t know what is what and what to do, go to the comments section! We have so many Carnevale mega-fans in there, and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you decide.

Commedia dell’Arte

Right, enough of that. This post is titled after the Commedia dell’Arte and we’re like 150 words into the post already without mentioning them!

I decided to wander over to the resin room again (no reply on the Karcharos sizing yet, sorry Highlord Tamburlaine) to find out what they’re up to at the moment. The answer is: lots of stuff! But today I’m just going to focus on the Commedia.

carnevale miniature game  Pantaleone Il Dottore Il Capitano Brighella Colombina
From left to right: Pantaleone, Il Dottore, Il Capitano, Brighella, Colombina

As you can see, there they are! Most of them anyway. I mean, all of them. But most of all of them. Brighella and Il Dottore have no legs, but otherwise, they’re all present!

I’m really excited to see this group of performers, as are many others. This is one of the biggest groups of characters that didn’t have any miniatures in the original Vesper-on version, which is a crying shame as they’re so varied!

This roving band of performers were irrevocably affected by The Rent, becoming Gifted. Their on-stage personas are slowly taking over their psyches, becoming caricatures, and increasingly violent at that!

One of the most interesting things about this group is that they can be played as a gang in their own right, where as most Gifted operate on their own. This bunch can still be used alongside any other faction, but with Il Capitano as a Leader, they can equally take to the streets on their own! Your opponent will likely outnumber you, but each of your characters has powerful abilities and is the equal of many other adversaries!

Luckily, the resin room weren’t the only place I found the Commedia dell’Arte this week!

carnevale miniature game  Il Dottore Pantaleone Il Capitano
Again, left to right: Il Dottore, Pantaleone, Il Capitano

I found these on Fin’s painting desk today! He made me promise to tell you all that they’re still a work in progress, so don’t judge him yet. Personally I couldn’t even dream of painting like this, so the fact that they’re not even done makes me a little sad.

I particularly love Il Capitano, as his outfit looks like it’s come straight from the stage! Apparently those red and yellow stripes took a long time to paint, but the lines are sculpted onto the miniature, so it helps those of us without such steady hands!

And that’s it for today! If there are certain things you all would like to see in these updates, sound off and I’ll make a little list. I can’t promise to show you everything as we do need some company secrets, but I’ll do what I can!

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