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10th October 2017

Combat has seen some of the most extensive changes in our new beta rules.

The biggest change is the change to one of the stats in Carnevale! Separate ranged and melee stats have been removed, in favour of a single ATTACK stat. The Attack stat covers weapons of all ranges. “But Lewis, how about characters that are better at one thing than the other?” I hear you cry! And to that I respond with “how did you know my name?” but also, certain characters gain special rules that make them better at ranged or melee, or defensive combat or… well let’s just wait until we talk about special rules in another update.

Weapons have seen a little change too:

Hand Weapon0″
Pistol8″+1Black powder, Penetration (-1), Reload(1)
Polearm2″+1Two handed

All weapons now have a range, with 0″ range meaning you have to be in base contact with your opponent, and others working from a distance. As we can see from above, swords and hand weapons have to be right up close, pole-arms have the benefitb of not having to be in base contact, and a pistol has a lot longer range!

Damage stays the same as before, adding a flat number on top of your Aces to your Damage pool. Unarmed attacks have a -1 to their Damage, whilst bigger weapons get bigger bonuses.

Weapons also have a series of abilities, from the pretty standard Penetration (subtracting that amount from your opponent’s Protection), to the Black Powder special rule, which means that fumbles with that weapon are even more punishing to the user!

The next large change to combat involves Attacks of Opportunity. A mechanic from the previous edition of the rules, we’ve kept these in, but expanded their use. Now, just moving into base contact with an enemy character affords you an Attack of Opportunity. This is a free attack with whatever weapon you want to use. No more moving into base contact with an opponent only to have to wait until next round to actually hit them!

Finally, Protection has seen a little change. No longer are Protection values static, subtracting a standard amount of Damage from the attack. Now, the Protection stat indicates how many dice a character rolls, with any Aces subtracted from the final amount. This means that even the weakest Citizen can still hurt the biggest Radru-Rashaar! It’s not all that likely, but it can happen! Don’t worry though, all the Protection stats have been amended to better represent this!

There are still a few extra things in the Combat rules that we’re not going to go into here. Shove and Counter-attack (renamed Guard) are two returning favourites, but I’ll wait until the beta rules are released before spoiling everything!

I know this is a “free” update, but I can’t finish a post without painted miniatures, so here’s a man that some of you may have seen on Instagram last week:

carnevale miniature game  painted merchant instagram
Fin has surpassed himself again with that patterning!

I’ll be back later this week with another video and some more notes on our new rules. And then NEXT Friday the new beta rules with a few characters sheets will be released for your perusal and play-testing!

We’re having a little Q&A on the Carnevale Fan Page over on Facebook at the moment, so feel free to join there and ask questions, or ask here, or in the comments. Anywhere you ask, I’ll do my best to answer.

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