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19th January 2018

Good afternoon, fellow Venetians!

Sorry about the update last week! I managed to find my way out of IKEA in the end (and did so with very few extra things we didn’t really need). Back to work this week, and here with the big announcement that I wanted to share before.

We are delighted to announce that the Carnevale Kickstarter is going to be delayed.

Delighted? What? Well, there’s a very good reason we’ve decided to delay the Kickstarter fulfilment, one which you’ve probably already seen the picture of below…

carnevale miniature game

We’re thrilled to announce today possibly the biggest news to Carnevale since the Kickstarter launched. New York Times Bestselling author and industry legend Gav Thorpe has signed on to write the Carnevale book!

Some of you reading are like us and should be squealing with joy at this news. For others that aren’t already rooting through their dog-eared copies of old White Dwarf magazines… well I’ll let Gav describe himself. From his website:

“Gav Thorpe has a long history with the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes, and has written many novels for the same. He is a New York Times best-selling author with his novella The Lion, and winner of the 2017 David Gemmell Legend Award for his novel Warbeast. His epic swords-and-sandals fantasy Empire of the Blood is available from Angry Robot. Gav has worked on numerous tabletop and video games as designer, writer and world creation consultant. He has also delivered writing workshops and appeared on numerous discussion panels at literature and genre events. He lives near Nottingham with his partner Kez and son Sammy.”

Here at TTCombat we are extremely excited to welcome Gav into the world of Carnevale. A long-time supporter of TTC, we first met Gav when he backed RUMBLESLAM back in 2015, but have all been massive fans of his work throughout the decades.

Gav says:

“I’m really looking forward to working with TT Combat on updating the world of Carnevale. As a fan of darker fantasy and medieval mysticism, I think this is going to be a lot of fun.”

You may be asking yourselves “why wait until now to share this?”

We’ve been talking to Gav since late last year about the possibility of working on Carnevale. Unfortunately, a bestselling Black Library author is often quite busy! We didn’t want to tip our hat until we’d made sure that we could make this work. Gav has recently sent off the final draft of his latest novel, and has found time in his schedule to get into our weird little setting. Gav’s excited to get down into Venice and start writing, and we’ll be working closely together over the coming weeks to flesh out the world of Carnevale in ways that we’ve never read before!

What About My Rewards?

Making a game takes time, and while we’ve been making huge strides in production and rules, delaying the Kickstarter will definitely help us. Six months was always a little ambitious, and having a little longer means we can make sure that everything in your rewards is going to be as good quality as we can make.

Today I can’t tell you exactly when the Kickstarter will be shipping. We’re hoping to have everything ready and out by April, but we’ll be spending the next few weeks taking stock of everything we’ve got done so far, what still needs doing, and working closely with Gav to sort out a concrete time frame for the book too. In a couple of weeks I’ll update everyone again to say exactly where we are with production and give a better indication of when we hope to have everything ready. We’ve put off writing in the hope that we could work something out with Gav, but we’re also glad to have a little breathing room in the other departments too!

What Are You Doing Now?

Glad you asked, dear reader!

Here are just a few snaps of what I’ve found today:

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

First of all, this is the last week or so’s worth of laser cutting! Still lots to do. Why oh why did we make a game that requires so much scenery? I mean, aside from being able to make awesome looking cheap scenery and loving playing tense games in tight streets and canals…

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

These tubs here are full of acrylic counters and templates! These are for the Patricians, but there are equal tubs stashed away for the other factions too. In fact, there’s so much MDF and acrylic being cut that we don’t have a single space big enough for it and it has to be spread out through multiple containers! When we consolidate everything together I’ll get some photos – it’ll be a sight to behold!

carnevale miniature game

carnevale miniature game

Up near the resin room, there are more and more bits being done each day! This shelving unit was only made up this morning, and already it’s half full! Looks like fountains, gondolas, and a few other goodies in there!

So yes, there’s lots going on!

Q &A Time

That’s right! Next Friday we’ll be doing another (long overdue) live stream. We’ll be taking questions live and questions in advance, exactly the same as we did back in the campaign. Ask us anything! We’ll collate questions in advance and answer as many as we can (if we know the answers). That will probably be around 5.30pm GMT next Friday, but the video will be available for backers after it finishes too for those that can’t watch live.

We’ll answer questions on the game, rules, setting, production… whatever you want! We have a meeting scheduled with Gav early next week too, so if you’d like to throw him some questions, ask them over the weekend and we’ll see if we can get some answers from him too!

To get your question on the stream, either ask it live, put it in the comments for this update, in the general Kickstarter comments, message us over here, send us an email, or contact us on Facebook! We’ll take questions from anywhere!

The Future of The Kickstarter

We’ll still be posting updates every week here, and I’ll get back into the comments too (sorry we’ve been a little quiet of late – it’s been a busy time over here).

We’re really really sorry for the delay to the Kickstarter, but we hope you’ll all agree that it’s for the best. We’re so happy to have such a key voice on board with the project. We debated long and hard about the benefits and drawbacks of delaying the fulfilment, but in the end the chance to work with Gav won out, giving us an in incredible writer and a little more time to get everything else done as well!

New Character Profiles

But that’s not all! Click here for a brand new set of character profiles and the latest version of the beta rules!

New in this version of the rules:

  • Re-written Opposed Dice rolls, making it completely obvious how they work.
  • New rules for actions using Opposed Dice rolls! No more complicated table for Dispelling spells – simply turn the Magic Roll into an Opposed Roll, and subtract the dispelling character’s Aces from the casting character’s Aces! Simples.
  • The Guild have come out to the streets in full force! The Prince of Thieves leads a merry bunch of thieves into Venice.Rashaar gain so many new monsters, The Flame That Burns Underwater in the lead!
  • Patricians specialists arrive, nobles from all walks of life, and a rare sight – a Henchman character with Command Points?!
  • The Doctors have got the Doctor of the Beasts, with a Lab Assistant and a couple of animals to lead!
  • The Vatican forces from Avignon march into the Sestieres, with Domonique de Pierre de Bernis taking matters into his own hands.
  • The Strigoi are aided by the Romanis, including the subjugated Varcolac, and after much anticipation, Ceres, Cibele, and Miriam – the Brides of Dracula are here!
  • Finally, a couple of new Gifted show their faces. Well, “faces” isn’t necessarily the correct word for the Aberration. “Slavering maw” may be more appropriate.

The Church Gives a Sermon

Alright, last up for today! I never leave you all without painted miniatures. The Vatican are the focus of our picture today, shining holy light on a city crumbling into depravity.

carnevale miniature game

They may be dressed like men of the cloth, but don’t underestimate these Priests and Acolyte – many of the clergy are no more than vicious killers who have found an appropriate avenue for their violence.

That’s it for today! Lots to digest there. We’ll be around this week to answer comments, and don’t forget to get your Q&A questions in!

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