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The big week ahead!

17th July 2017

Hello backers!

Firstly thank you all for getting us to over 65% funded in our first 48 hours! We have an exciting week ahead of us in order to push towards that 30,000 goal. The team have been reading your comments and we will make some adjustments tomorrow. Before we do I wanted to give you all an idea of what to expect this coming week.

  • A daily update with an overview of what’s new on the campaign. We have all sorts of great things planned, these will include
  • More painted miniatures and production resins to show the quality you can expect from our figures.
  • More Kickstarter exclusives that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!
  • Some details on the Backerkit and what happens after the campaign ends.
  • Some full game play through videos. we will upload several of these during the campaign and each faction will feature.
  • The Beasts of War ‘lets play’ that we filmed over in Ireland with BOW Justin.
  • More details on the stretch goals, what’s to come and how we can get there.
  • Brand new MDF terrain for our Venetian range!
  • A schedule of live videos for our team to answer your questions and give more details on different aspects of the campaign from rules to production.
  • Faction overview videos to help you choose your allegiance.
  • Some info on scenario box sets we have been working on featuring new miniatures and terrain.
  • More of the fantastic work from our talented artists.

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