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Another SG down! Whats to come next week?

23rd July 2017

The sun rises once more and we’ve smashed another SG!

carnevale miniature game  kickstarter stretch goal barrels

Everyone pledging over £150 during the campaign will find these scenic additions in their box 🙂 We aren’t far off of the 50k (Which adds another miniature to the mix) now either! Hopefully we can share that in tomorrows update!

The social stretch goals are coming along nicely too. More on them tomorrow!

carnevale miniature game  vatican painted

The week ahead should be a very exciting one. We have more faction and game play videos, more details on the scenarios and campaigns. Live sessions with members of the team covering all sorts of topics. Oh and we have another Limited edition miniature too!

Jay (who made the studio board you see in our pictures) has been to a local hardware store over the weekend and bought everything he needs to make 2 new boards! Over these final weeks of the campaign he will be sharing a daily update covering his progress and methods to help you make a portion of Venice on your own tabletop!

carnevale miniature game  cornish mikey painting

We will also speak to Cornish Mikey who painted our studio buildings and get you his tips on painting MDF terrain.

Until tomorrow Venetians! Ciao!

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